Relative Humidity Measurement Solutions

Hygrocontrol is a leading brand dedicated to the measurement of humidity and temperature in industrial and process application. Hygrocontrol Relative Humidity Sensors are based on a proprietary polymer and plating process that provides the longest lasting and most stable relative humidity measurement on the market today. Ease of calibration, minimal drift, and excellent stability over temperature fluctuations, Hygrocontrol can address any relative humidity measurement application. Capacitive industrial hygrometers with microprocessor control to support multi-point calibration and integrated temperature adjustment to accommodate environmental effects on sensor elements and electronics.

Ideal applications:

  • Ripening, packaging, storage, and transportation of food
  • Powder conditioning in pharmaceuti­cal production
  • Drying of materials in the production of ceramics
  • Control of process parameters in chemical industries
  • Climate control of clean rooms, paint boxes and dryers
  • Process control in climatic and envi­ronmental chambers
  • Control and documentation of steril­ization in medical industries

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