Tiger Optics

High-Performance CRDS Gas Analyzers

Known for high-performance, laser based CRDS gas analyzers for the advanced industrial standards and cutting-edge research. laboratories. Leveraging the expertise of scientists, engineers and industry specialists, Tiger products offer continuous innovation for gas and chemical production, semiconductor fabrication, research, and many other markets. 

Founded in 2001, Tiger Optics, LLC offers a wide and proven trace gas analyzer, as well as atmospheric and cleanroom monitoring solutions.   Based upon powerful Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS), Tiger Optics instruments have superior detection capabilities, fast speed of response, dynamic range and accuracy, combined with continuous self-calibration, ease-of-use, and freedom from moving parts and consumables. 

Based on absorption spectroscopy, the Tiger Optics’ Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) works by attuning light rays to the unique molecular fingerprint of the sample species. By measuring the time, it takes the light to fade or “ring-down”, you receive an accurate molecular count in milliseconds. The time of light decay, in essence, provides an exact, non-invasive, and rapid means to detect contaminants in the air, in gases, and even in the breath.

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