Breath Analysis

For Respiratory Research Applications

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For Respiratory Research Applications

Researchers focusing on the physiological or biomedical study of respiration and metabolism can use breath analysis data to reveal underlying processes within complex biological systems.  Breath analysis is an exceptionally promising and rapidly developing field of research and requires high-performing instrumentation.  Our innovative quadrupole MAX300-LG™ lab mass spectrometers are an ideal fit when you require an ultra-sensitive, multi-species spectroscopic breath analysis for real-time health monitoring. 


  • High repeatability ensures that calculated metabolic parameters derived from the gas analysis, like the respiratory quotient (RQ), are accurate and precise
  • Analyzes all compounds in the sample with very high precision
  • Flexible to easily measure trace volatiles such as formaldehyde, acetic acid, ammonia, and hydrocarbons for the purpose of diagnostic evaluation
  • For high altitude conditions, the system automatically adjusts and delivers uniform, high precision data regardless of sample pressure
  • Configurations built for sampling from high pressure (hyperbaric) conditions, or sub-atmospheric pressures, such as those found at high altitudes
  • Fast acquisition software and inlet configuration designed specifically to produce the full breath-to-breath quantitative profile
  • Complete sample composition allows the researcher to calculate metabolic parameters, like the RQ, without the need for integrating additional flow measurements 


  • Quantitative Analysis of O2, CO2, N2, H2O, and trace volatiles
  • Measurement Rates up to 5 milliseconds per compound
  • Minimum Sample Flow < 0.04 atm cc/sec
  • Sample Transit as fast as 0.1 seconds

Control Gas Compositions in a Vacuum, Isotopic Ratio Determination, $ Trace
Volatiles in Exhaled Breath Samples


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