Helium Scattering


One technique used to characterize the physical and electronic properties of the surface of a material is Helium Scatteringusing mass spectrometry. A beam of atoms, usually Helium, is aimed at a surface, and atoms from the surface are ejected. Mass Filters are used to measure the atoms that are scattered, and to pinpoint the angle and time at which the scattering atoms are being released (time of flight analysis). Since the events of this non-destructive surface science method happen quickly, this application requires the use of mass filters that provide high stability and fast response times.

Our Quadrupole Mass Filters and RF/DC Power Supplies are the ideal choice for Scattering applications.

We offer a wide range of high precision Tri-filter Quadrupole Mass Filters for a variety of applications. They are designed for the highest signal transmission to provide unparalleled sensitivity, resolution, and abundance sensitivity.  The mass filters are built with stainless rods and Alumina ceramic yokes. The Quadrupoles are UHV compatible and are rugged enough to be baked to 300° C. They can withstand repeated cleanings without any permanent changes to their operating characteristics. The Tri-filter Mass Filters have RF Pre- and Post-filters to increase ion transmission and improve abundance sensitivity.  


  • High Sensitivity to 10 mA/Torr
  • High Abundance Sensitivity to 107
  • High Short- and Long-Term Stability

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