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Outgassing Studies


Analysts use Outgassing Studies to determine the chemical and physical properties of materials that are under various temperature and pressure conditions.

Outgassing research analyzes materials used in the production of Aerospace and Semiconductor devices. This application is also well-suited to analyze devices such as Medical/Surgical Equipment, Automotive Parts and High Precision Ceramics, where high quality results are critical for successful research studies.

To perform Outgassing Studies, Mass Spectrometers that provide high sensitivity and high resolution are needed. Our EXTREL™ MAX-QMS Mass Spectrometers Systems meet these needs. Along with high sensitivity up to 6 mA/Torr, the MAX-QMS Systems give users the ability to measure both water and other possible contaminants. The Merlin Automation™ Data System provides the user with the ability to monitor outgassing during a short experiment, continuously for days or even weeks.

The MAX-QMS Mass Spectrometers include:

  • High Sensitivity to 6 mA/Torr
  • Partial Pressure Detectability to 10-16 mbar
  • High Abundance Sensitivity to 107
  • Various Mass Ranges from 1-60 and 2-2000 amu
  • Axial and Right-Angle Configurations
  • Positive and Negative Ion Detection
  • Ability to Monitor an Unlimited Number of Masses
  • Long Duration Data Collection

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