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Thermogravimetric Analysis 

For TGA-MS Materials Research for Solid & Liquid Samples

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Pharmaceutical, Life Science & Biotechnology Applications 

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a powerful approach to the study of the thermal behavior of solid and liquid samples.  The interface of TGA with a quadrupole mass spectrometer allows the researcher to characterize and quantify the compounds in the off gas in real-time along with each mass loss.

The MAX300-EGA™ Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer comes equipped to import a Start-of-Heating signal from the TGA for easy data synchronization and features a chemically inert transfer line specially designed keep the sample hot and under vacuum all the way to the ionizer, to guard against condensation or chemical interaction.   Combining this mass filter with high temperature, rapid sampling and our knowledge and experience of mass spectrometry solutions, our MAX300-EGA brings the precision, speed and flexibility you need for your evolved gas application.

High sensitivity, resolution and quantitation 

  • Equipped to import a start-of-heating signal from the TGA and can be configured to perform calculations and trend data, or output the data for viewing and manipulation on a different platform
  • High sensitivity to the small signals generated by high mass hydrocarbons in the off gas
  • Can detect and quantify the compounds in exhaust gas coming from a μg-level mass loss
  • Able to individually determine the amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that, combined, resulted in the second mass loss
  • Can perform quantitative analysis on separations to better understand a complex decomposition featuring the simultaneous evolution of multiple unknown compounds

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) is the analysis of the effluent of analytical equipment and chemical processes. Whether the off gas is coming from a thermal analyzer or a reaction vessel, the most important consideration is protecting the sample integrity all the way to the mass spectrometer. The MAX300-EGA low-volume transfer line is made of chemically inert silica. It is heated to 200°C, standard* and differentially pumped to rapidly move sample and keep it under vacuum. This prevents condensation and chemical interactions, keeping your sample intact and your equipment running. (*300 and 400°C options available).

Other Material Science TGA-MS Applications

  • Polymers
  • Elastomers
  • Thermoplastics
  • QA/QC

Optimize Evolved Gas Analysis
for Laboratory Applications

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