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Wastewater & Pure Water Quality Analysis

For Pharmaceutical, Life Science & Biotechnology Applications 

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Pharmaceutical, Life Science & Biotechnology Applications Need Wastewater & Pure Water Quality Analysis 


The requirements for water analysis in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology and life science is high. The composition of most pharmaceutical wastewater is complex with high concentration levels of organic matter, microbial toxicity, and high salt. Event after treatments, there may still be trace amounts of suspended solids and dissolved organic matter.  This will impact product quality and yield.   

The manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and drugs contain a wide variety of compounds.  With the right method, organic waste can be quickly measured without problems even in harsh and difficult water with course material content. Our QuickTOCultra™ online water analyzeris very versatile and able to handle the most diverse water applications. With regards to ecology and industrial and municipal applications, such as the influent and effluent should be continually monitored.  Our analyzer provides the TRUE TOC measurement in less than 3 minutes. Thereby, short measurement value peaks can be reliably shown. The maintenance is also fast: Less than 30 minutes per week. All areas of the analyzer have been designed for easy maintenance. We make is simple to use and maintain.

The QuickTOCpurity™ online TOC measurement system for the determination of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC)in pure water.  Pure water is needed for the preparation of medications and must meet the standards for ionic and organic chemical purity.  It must be screened for contaminants and impurities.


Pure water is required in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and in the preparation of medicine. The pretreatment of water to process water is very expensive. However, it is necessary in order to guarantee the high requirements of boiler feed water for example. Therefore, the monitoring of the smallest contamination is of great importance. Organic contaminants in process water caused by leaks or product spills may result in devastating consequences in the plant, especially at boilers or heat exchangers.

The QuickTOCtrace™ is a reliable analyzer for the lowest measuring ranges, which uses UV oxidation and differential conductivity measurement to determine organic contamination, making it ideal for TOC measurement of ultra-pure water. It is a compact and intuitive analyzer with a short reaction time – first results are available within 30 seconds.  Its comparatively low initial cost and, due to its robustness, low operating costs increase the profitability of your manufacturing processes.

QuickTOCultra™ for Pharmaceutical Wastewater

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