ATOM Instrument

ATOM Instrument

Experts in Online Elemental Analysis in Liquids and Gases

Headquartered in Houston, TX, ATOM Instrument manufactures laboratory and online elemental analyzers for total sulfur-nitrogen applications in liquids, solids and gases.

ATOM has delivered innovative measurement solutions to the petroleum, petrochemical and pipeline industries. Based on the Excimer UV Fluorescence Technology, a patented and proprietary technology developed by Mr. Franek Olstowski, the founder of ATOM Instrument. 

The SLA-1000 Sulfur in Liquid Analyzer is designed for high-speed online analysis of total sulfur in a variety of liquids such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and jet fuels.  The SLA-1000 allows stable and accurate analysis at both high and low sulfur concentrations, even below 1 ppm, using the standard 100 second analysis cycle time.

This online elemental liquid analyzer is well suited for the follow applications:

  • Diesel (including ULSD)
  • Gasoline (including Tier-Ill)
  • Reforming and lsomerization
  • Other Refinery Grade Fuels
  • Blending Operations
  • Catalyst Protection
  • Natural Gasoline

Total sulfur detection is accomplished utilizing patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) that has been field proven to be a reliable detection method that meets performance requirements of ASTM D5453. 

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Analyzers for Total Sulfur – Nitrogen Applications

The SGA-1000 Total Sulfur in Gas Analyzer is multi-stream, fast, precise, consistent, and reliable.  The SGA-1000 for total sulfur measurement provides complete analysis of all sulfur compounds potentially present in process gas streams and not just a few selected sulfur compounds as with some GC/TDL applications.

This process sulfur analyzers is ideally suited for:

  • LPG
  • Natural Gas
  • Reforming and Isomerization
  • Catalyst Protection
  • Blending Operations
  • Flare and Stack Gas
  • Refinery Grade Fuels

Complies with ASTM standards

  • D5453: total sulfur in liquid hydrocarbon
  • D6667: total sulfur in gas hydrocarbon and LPG
  • D7551: total volatile sulfur in gas hydrocarbon and LPG
  • D4629: total nitrogen in liquid hydrocarbon

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