Extrel CMS

Extrel CMS

Experts in Research and Process Mass Spectrometers

Founded in 1964 and based in Pittsburgh, PA, Extrel is a leading manufacturer of real-time gas analyzers for process control, environmental monitoring, and innovative laboratory research. 

With over 55 years of installation, Extrel quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas and ion analysis are known for their exceptional performance, accuracy, durability, and ease-of-use.  


Real-Time, Multi-Species Monitoring for All Critical Impurities in Bulk Electronic Gases

The Extrel VeraSpec Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometer (APIMS) is designed for reliable and repeatable low parts-per-trillion detection limits for contamination control in Ultra-High Purity (UHP) gases used in semiconductor and other high-tech industrial applications.

Key advantages for contamination control in the UHP gases:

  • Real-time, multi-species monitoring for critical impurities including O2, H2O, CH4, CO, CO2, NH3 and more
  • Well-established, powerful mass spectrometry technology
  • Unparalleled measurement range from PPT to 100% with unique dual-source ionization configuration, combining both electron impact and atmospheric pressure ionization sources
  • Easy to use with integrated user interface for efficient operation, point-of-use visual indicators on gas purity, and scheduled automated calibrations
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Real-Time Gas Analysis for Research and Industry

Exceptional Performance, Reliability and Flexibility

The NEW VeraSpec™ APIMS combines Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) technology with a high performance mass spectrometer (MS) optimized for ppt-level UHP gas analysis to mainly serve customers in the semiconductor industry.

  • Real-time, multi-species monitoring for ALL Critical Impurities in bulk electronic gases including traceO2, H2, H2O, CH4, CO, CO2, NH3, Xe and more.

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