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Laboratories & Research Labs

Need Innovation for Efficiency, Quality, and Safety in their Gas Analysis

With the continuous transformation in the laboratory and research industries especially now due to COVID-19, there is a growing need for fast, reliable, high performance analytical instrumentation and solutions:

Alpha Omega Instrument Oxygen Monitors:

  • Monitoring the quality of breathing air to ensure that the cryogenic gases used in the labs do not deplete the breathing air oxygen. 
  • Monitoring oxygen levels in MRI installations to monitor quality of breathing air.
  • Ensure cryogenic gases used to cool the MRI magnets do not deplete the breathing air oxygen in confined spaces.

The U.S. national lab, NIST uses Tiger Optics analyzers to name its formaldehyde standard, to VSL, the National Metrology Institute (NMI) of the Netherlands, 20 NMIs around the world turn to Tiger for their special analytical needs. Tiger analyzers are used for purity analysis in the preparation and verification measurements of CRMs and calibration gas mixtures, and the determination of zero gas.

COSA Xentaur offers a wide range of fast and reliable measurement solutions for the Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Healthcare Industries.  For dew point control, the COSA Xentaur HTF™ sensor technology can be trusted where other methods have routinely failed. The stability, accuracy and life expectancy of HTF sensors have set new a standard in the industry.

From Extrel CMS, the fast-acquisition breath analysis configuration of the MAX300-LG was designed in collaboration with leaders in the field of respiratory research. Mass spectrometry is the ideal gas analysis technique for many respiratory applications, and the MAX300-LG measures all compounds in the sample, requires minimal sample flow, and delivers data updates very fast1

Breath Analyzer Features:

      • Quantitative Analysis of O2, CO2, N2, H2O, and trace volatiles
      • Measurement rate:  up to 5 milliseconds per compound
      • Minimum Sample flow < 0.04 atm cc/sec
      • Sample transit times as fast as 0.1 seconds

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