NEW O2CX Combustibles Analyzer

New Combustion Optimization Gas Analyzer Launched by Process Insights

A new, compact process, in-situ gas analyzer from Process Insights, measuring both combustibles (COe) and oxygen (O2), provides fast, optimal combustion control for many applications like refining and petrochemical, power, and steam generation, and in furnace and kilns.

Our COSA Xentaur O2CX allows the process to operate safely with a lower excess air ratio, which translates into higher fuel efficiencies. With greater accuracy and sensitivity below 10% O2, the O2CX doesn’t require dilution air, unlike others.  Measuring combustible gas components, oxygen and COe, reliably minimizes safety issues.  Measuring in-situ directly has many advantages and is ideal for process heaters, steam boilers, thermal oxidizers, and furnace optimization.

In addition, installation and service is easy, as the flow guidance tube design allows the sensors to be located near to the back of the transmitter, making for service and maintenance without the need to remove the entire assembly from the stack. The probe provides for both direct and continuous dual readings of oxygen and COe.

The COSA Xentaur O2CX is also versatile for various mounting requirements or difficult applications, including high temperature, dust, or hazardous installations.

Jim Belanger, VP Sales and Marketing – Americas, Process Insights said “Enabling engineers and plant operators to access these previously unachievable air levels is a significant benefit. Combined with improved sensors, superior design and better combustion performance, the COSA Xentaur O2CX gives our customers continuous, reliable gas measurements with greater accuracy and lower maintenance costs.”


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