Oxygen Monitors

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Oxygen Deficiency Monitors

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Safety Matters

If you are concerned over unsafe levels of oxygen explore a complete line of oxygen deficiency monitors for high purity applications.  Our Alpha Omega Instruments oxygen monitors have been serving the semiconductor and industrial gas market for decades.  We supply many instruments for semiconductor, clean rooms, glove box environments, medical, aerospace, and municipality applications.

Protect your process, plant and personnel!


  • Trace oxygen analyzers
  • Percent oxygen analyzers
  • Portable oxygen analyzers
  • Oxygen deficiency monitors

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We will evaluate instruments for re-verification of performance using NIST calibrated gas standards; however, in the event that upon evaluation it is determined that the unit is in need of repair before performance verification can be completed, the customer will be notified if the serial number indicates the unit is 10 or more years old. 


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Oxygen Monitors for High Purity and Cleanroom Environments

Series 1300™

Alpha Omega Instruments Oxygen Deficiency Monitor
Process Insights_Series 1300 Oxygen Monitor

Series 3000™

Alpha Omega Instruments Trace Oxygen Analyzer 0-1 PPM to 0-10,000 PPM
Process Insights_Series 3000 Oxygen Monitor

Series 3520™

Alpha Omega Instruments Portable Battery-Operated Trace Oxygen Analyzer
Process Insights_Series 3520_oxygen monitor

ZRO 2000™

Alpha Omega Instruments Trace Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer PPM to 100%
Process Insights_AOI ZRO 2000 oxygen analyzer


Alpha Omega Instruments Percent Oxygen Analyzer 0-100% and 0-25%
Process Insights_AOI-OXY-SEN oxygen analyzer

Series 2000™

Alpha Omega Instruments Percent Oxygen Analyzer 0-1 to 0-100%
Process Insights_AOI_Series 2000 oxygen analyzer

Series 2500/2510™

Alpha Omega Instruments Percent Oxygen Transmitter 0-2% to 0-100%
Process Insights_AOI_ Series 2510-Percent-Oxygen-Transmitter

Series 2520™

Alpha Omega Instruments Portable Percent Oxygen Analyzer 0-5, 0-10, 0-25, 0-50, and 0-100%
rocess Insights_AOI_Series 2520 portable oxygen analyzer


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