Relative Humidity

Relative Humidity Measurement 

Explore our high-precision relative humidity and temperature meter (hygrometers) for industrial use.  Our Hygrocontrol hygrometer measures the amount of moisture or humidity in the air, or any confined spaces. They can measure absolute, relative, or dew point temperature. They use a capacitance type sensing element with polymer dielectric medium, available in general purpose and hazardous areas. Available in wall or duct mounting as well as with various remote probes. Works well under a wide temperature range and maintains stable condensation tolerance. Ideal for long-term application with low maintenance. They are the perfect solution for every measurement for many industrial applications.

    Our Relative Humidity Hygrometer Solutions for High Purity Applications

    Type 81, 82

    Relative Humidity Hygrometer

    TYPE 83

    Relative Humidity Hygrometer

    TYPE 85

    Relative Humidity Hygrometer


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