O2CX Oxygen & COe Analyzer

Oxygen & COe Analyzer for Combustibles

Compact In Situ Combustion Monitor for Combustion Optimization

In situ, real-time readings for optimal fuel efficiency of boilers, furnaces, and kilns, with fast and simple service ability, and all at a tremendous value. Our COSA Xentaur O2CX Oxygen and COe Analyzer is the ideal choice to optimize fuel efficiency on most combustion sources and for stack oxygen applications. It has several significant advantages over other oxygen transmitters. The addition of our unique combustible sensor allows the process to safely operate with a lower Excess Air ratio, which translates into higher fuel efficiencies.

Our O2CX oxygen and COe analyzer offers great accuracy and sensitivity below 10% oxygen and does not require dilution air like other competitors utilizing a Pellistor sensor.

For easy access and service, the flow guidance tube design allows the sensors to be located near the back of the transmitter. This makes for simple service without the need to remove the entire assembly from the stack and struggle with removing sensors located at the end of the probe.  Easily remove or replace O2 and COe sensors – saves time and $$.

The O2CX oxygen and COe analyzer is versatile for different mounting requirements or difficult applications like high temperature, dust, or even hazardous installations, and it can also be outfitted with auto calibration. It provides all of this and is the best value available on the market today to measure oxygen and carbon monoxide equivalent (COe).

The O2CX oxygen and COe combustion analyzer combines superior sensors with a robust to deliver better combustion performance, trouble-free operation, and simple serviceability for safe, reliable and efficient industrial combustion measurement.

  • Effective gas analyzers for combustion and emissions monitoring
  • Engineered to deliver accurate measurement
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Meet regulations and compliance

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Ideal for process control, flare safety control, and combustion control


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