473-SHX Model

High Performance Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Chilled Mirror Dew Point Hygrometer for High Temperature Applications

The SHX measuring head is an evolution of the tried and tested SH measuring head. It is able to operate in test conditions up to 125 °C thanks to the use of optical components, electronics and materials that are able to withstand high temperatures. Our development team tested a range of components over the SHX working range to achieve the best possible performance. By comparison with our state-of-the-art 373 reference hygrometer, we were able to verify that the performance meets or exceeds the specifications.

Modular Design

The key components of the SHX such as the optical module and fan assembly can be easily replaced by the user without the need for system re-calibration.

Sample Flow Control at High Temperature

Precise dew point measurement depends on controlled and stable gas flow over the dew point mirror and known pressure. Flow rate is especially critical at high temperature and humidity conditions. The SHX measuring head incorporates a sample fan with user controllable speed that maintains a stable flow within the recommended range of 0.3…1 liter per minute at atmospheric pressure. A high temperature motor is combined with a micro engineered aluminum impeller/cowl combination to maintain reliable and stable sample flow. Flow rate can be changed through the 473 front panel user interface or by serial commands.


    • Precise and stable chilled mirror dew point mirror technology
    • High temperature optical components
    • High temperature sample fan
    • Cable mounted dew point measuring head
    • Barometric pressure measurement option
    • Intuitive color touch screen user interface
    • Integral calibration stability verification


    Measuring Ranges:

    Frost/Dew Point -30…+99 °C *
    Relative humidity 5…99 %rh **
    Temperature -50…+125 °C

    Frost/Dew point ≤ ± 0.1 °C
    Temperature ≤ ± 0.07 °C

    Frost/Dew point ≤ ± 0.05 °C
    Temperature ≤ ± 0.03 °C

    * To measure -30 °C frost point, the SHX measuring head needs to be in a temperature environment below 10 °C.  To measure dew points up to 99 °C the SHX measuring head must be at least 3 °C above the dew point temperature.

    ** Please note the operating conditions: The measuring head as well as the connectors must be operated under non-condensing conditions.

    In combination with the T12 multichannel thermometer, the 473 is particularly well suited to climatic chamber validation projects.

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    Ideal for climatic chamber validation to IEC60068, weather station calibration, RH generator transfer standard, and engine test cells

    Process Insights MBW Model 473-SHX-2020


    • Validation of climatic chambers
    • Climatic chamber calibration
    • HALT/HASS test chambers
    • Fuel cell test
    • Dryer performance


    Measuring Head SHX Part No. 141349

    The SHX measuring head is the very latest addition to the MBW range. It is based on some of the very latest high-performance technologies to achieve new levels of specifications and performance.

    As a stable flow through a dew point mirror measuring head is essential to achieve stable measurement, we have focused much of the development on making sure that the SHX flow fan functions over the whole working range. It uses a high temperature motor and custom design fan together with digital control from the 473 base instrument. In the event of need, the flow module can be easily replaced without specialist knowledge.

    In the event of damage to the SHX measuring head, it is possible to order a replacement that can be fitted by your local MBW representative or the user.

    Process Insights_MBW_473_Model SHX Measuring Head

    Othe 473 Model Options

    Process Insights MBW Model 473-SH2-2020


    For measurements in climatic chambers

    Process Insights MBW Model 473-RP2-2020


    For direct insertion into test conditions with moving air

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