Unmatched Mass Spec Technology for BTU and Heating Applications

Powerful Mass Spec Technology

Our Extrel MAX100-BTU Real-Time Heating Value Gas Analyzer provides a 24-7, online, rapid, high precision measurement of heating value and gas composition for optimal combustion control and environmental compliance.  The MAX100-BTU uses cutting-edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to deliver a continuous online analysis of fuel gas and vent streams containing hydrocarbons, H2, CO, CO2, H2O, H2S and other gases. It has the speed necessary to analyze the total composition of the sample and report the heating value in seconds.  


  • Control parameters reported in real-time
  • Complete quantitative stream composition
  • High precision and accuracy for optimal process control
  • Low maintenance, utilities, and calibration required
  • Reliable and accurate measurement
  • Continuous, real-time analysis
  • Full, speciated composition
  • Unparalleled global customer service and support


  • Heating value reported in seconds
  • Speciated analysis of: H2, C1-C6+ hydrocarbons, CO, CO2, N2, O2, H2O, H2S and other gases
  • Extreme resistance to corrosion from H2S
  • Additional parameters available: Wobbe Index, CARI, Specific Gravity, Density, etc.
  • Multiport sample selector for up to 46 sample streams
  • Low maintenance, utilities, and calibration requirements

Low Maintenance, Easy to Use

The Questor5 control software that drives the MAX100-BTU measures all fuel or flare gas streams in a fully customizable sequence for site-specific, automated combustion control. The intuitive web-based interface allows the user to check instrument status, review data, or run a validation sequence from anywhere on the plant network, while maintaining government and industry security standards for login and electronic record keeping (21 CFR 11).

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Real-Time Heating Value Gas Analyzer for any Industrial Application Requiring Continuous Monitoring

rocess Insights_Extrel MAX100-BTU Real-Time Heating Value Gas Analyzer


  • Cogeneration
  • Coke oven and blast furnace off-gas
  • Combustion control optimization
  • Fuel gas analysis
  • Gas mixing and recapture
  • Gas turbine efficiency
  • Glass plant gas blending
  • Landfill vent gas
  • Natural gas processing and distribution
  • Refinery flare RSR compliance

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