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Our Extrel VeraSpec Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer Systems are designed for stable, accurate, and high sensitivity analysis of processes from 10-4 Torr up to and above atmospheric pressure. The systems include a full quadrupole mass spectrometer system, equipped with complete software, sampling system, and sampling orifice(s). The low noise right angle design can provide energy analysis as well as mass analysis.

Our VeraSpec Molecular Beam Systems and Plasma Analysis Systems are available in mass ranges from 0.5 – 50 Da to 20 – 14,000 Da and offer a wide range of options.  The VeraSpec Molecular Beam Systems use our Extrel MAX Series Mass Spectrometers. These products are available in a number of configurations, including Sampling Chambers and Mass Spectrometer only or as complete systems that include the vacuum systems and mounting rack. The MAX Series can also be integrated with existing systems to suit customer needs.

The power of mass spectrometry as an analytical technique is well known, and mass spectrometers have bene widely used for residual gas analysis. However, for samples that are not a residual gas contained in the mass spectrometer vacuum chamber, an effective sampling arrangement must be used. Molecular beam sampling is an effective way to introduce neutral gas or pre-formed ion samples over a wide range of sample conditions. Three molecular beam systems are available to suit the broadest application requirements: VeraSpec MB2, VeraSpec MB3, and VerSpec MBx. The MB2 and MB3 systems are 2- and 3-stage molecular beam inlet systems, designed for analysis of neutrals or ions from 2 mTorr up to 2 atm. These systems are ideal for plasma diagnostics, chemical vapor deposition, and other similar applications. The MBx system is a 3-stage, discreetly pumped gas analysis system for extreme samples. All systems can be modified for an even broader range of sample conditions.


  • Sampling from source pressures of 100 Torr to 2 atm
  • Optional to 100 atm
  • Heated first aperture for condensable compounds
  • Isolation gate valve to keep MS under vacuum during first-stage maintenance
  • Cross Beam Deflector Ionizer deflects ions 90o off-axis separating ions from photons, metastables, particulates, and molecular beam gases
  • This increases signal-to-noise by filtering out common and controllable causes of background noise
  • Analog and positive ion counting
  • Negative ion/electron attachment option
  • Signal gating option (beam chopper and lock-in amplifier)
  • Merlin Automation Data System Software

VeraSpec MBx

Our VeraSpec MBx Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer System is a 3-stage, discreetly pumped gas analysis system designed for sampling reactive and condensable gases. The MBx is designed with a heated inlet, easily changed first aperture and skimmer, and an isolation gate valve to allow inlet maintenance for applications, which have challenging sample conditions, such as pyrolysis. The carefully engineered inlet provides a supersonic expansion of the sample into the vacuum to maintain sample integrity. This ensures accurate analysis of analytes before they react or decompose. The VeraSpec MBx is an integral part of the High Throughput Analytical Pyrolysis (HTAP) system, which was developed in collaboration among the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Extrel, ArborGen, and Frontier Labs. The HTAP system is used to accelerate the search for new and improved biofuel sources and has shown improvement in the analysis of pyrolysis products.

MB2 and MB3 

  • Cross Beam Deflector Ionizer deflects ions 90o off-axis, separating ions from common background noise sources such as photons, metastables, particulates, and molecular beam gases.
  • Analog and positive ion counting 
  • Negative ion/electron attachment option 
  • Signal gating option (beam chopper and lock-in amplifier) 
  • Merlin Automation Data System Software

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    Delivers exceptional resolution, ion transmission and high sensitivity for the fine isotopic analysis of low molecular weight gases

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    • Atmospheric Chemistry Research
    • Biomaterial Research
    • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
    • Clusters and Nanoparticle Research
    • Combustion Studies
    • Effusive gas source analysis
    • Flow Tube and Drift Cell Detection
    • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD)
    • Medium and high-pressure plasma diagnostics
    • Nanospray / Electrospray Ionization (ESI) Detection
    • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
    • Plasma Etch
    • Pulsed laser Deposition

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    Our VeraSpec family of quadrupole mass spectrometers are the result of decades of collaboration between us and our research, academic, and industrial customers. Each VeraSpec analyzer is a turn-key solution, letting you focus on your work instead of on building an analyzer.

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