Unmatched Mass Spec Technology for Continuous Detection

Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) is one of the most widely used surface analysis techniques available for materials research scientists. To analyze material compositions, surface interactions and surface contaminates, scientists rely on Extrel’s Mass Spectrometry systems such as the VeraSpec Thermal Desorption System (TDS). Our thermal desorption systems are full stand-alone TPD systems that can accommodate samples up to 35 mm square, and can reach sampling temperatures of 500°C. They combine high sensitivity with precise control to provide the most accurate desorption analysis systems available.  In addition, our Extrel Flange Mounted Mass Spectrometers can be used to add high sensitivity and high resolution TPD capability to any system already in use. 


  • High Sensitivity to 6 mA/Torr
  • High Resolution to 110 M at m/z 28
  • Partial Pressure Detectability to 10-16 mbar
  • High Abundance Sensitivity to 107
  • Various mass ranges from 1-60 to 2-2000 amu
  • Axial and right-angle configurations
  • Positive and negative ion detections
  • Ability to monitor an unlimited number of masses
  • Ability to synchronize temperature and pressure data with mass data

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      Delivers exceptional resolution and high sensitivity 

      Process Insights_Extrel MAX-QMS FLANGE MOUNTED SYSTEM


      • Ultra-trace VOC detection
      • Industrial safety and compliance
      • Ambient air analysis
      • Gas purity analysis
      • Controlled environmental monitoring
      • Semiconductor manufacturing

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        Extrel Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers


        Extrel Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers


        Extrel Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers


        Extrel Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

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