CLEARVIEW HVP Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer System

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer System

Turnkey solution for the measurement of hydrogen peroxide and water (H2O2 and H2O) concentrations in vapor phase

Our GUIDED WAVE™ CLEARVIEW HVP™ Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer System is a simple turnkey solution for the measurement of hydrogen peroxide and water (H2O2 and H2O) concentrations in vapor phase. These are both measured together because they are codependent. The analyzer operates in real time, which takes the guesswork out of determining the H2O2 and H2O concentrations during cycle development and throughout the actual sterilization cycle. The user gains continuous, accurate data for documentation and validation.

Easy Operation and Control

The CLEARVIEW HVP Analyzer is controlled via its touch screen or remotely via Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP). All of the analytical calculations are encoded in the software.   The complete system consists of a CLEARVIEW HVP Analyzer, one or two G-SST probes, and a pair of fiber optic cables for each probe. The analyzer is pre-calibrated at the factory. No programming is required by the user. Start-up requires powering the analyzer, connecting the probe or probes via the fiber optic cables, taking a ZERO reading in the dehumidified isolator and the H2O2 and H2O concentration measurements may begin.

Performance Validation

When performance validation is required the G-SST probe has a built-in validation filter (optional) made of polymeric material. This makes validation of performance easy, at any time. The filter has unique spectral characteristics at the wavelengths used to measure H2O2 and H2O. It was chosen because of its insensitivity to moisture and temperature conditions. To make a validation measurement, the validation filter is temporarily moved into the light path and the optical characteristics of the system are checked.

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Measuring H2O2 and H2O Under Ambient or Vacuum Conditions – Ideal
for Low Pressure Monitoring 

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Typically for medical, pharmaceutical and food industries, the CLEARVIEW HVP Analyzer may be housed in a stainless-steel enclosure. Other enclosure options are available, such as, painted carbon steel, explosion-proof or purged depending on area classification requirements.


• Password protection for configuration changes
• Sampling time: 1 second minimum. User settable
• Reporting units: mg/L or ppm-V

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  • 2nd channel for additional independent sampling point
  • Custom length fiber cables
  • KF or Tri-clover® flanged fiber feed throughs and dual fiber feed throughs
  • Annual factory calibration service available
  • Universal power supply (110-240 VAC converter to 24 VDC)
  • Custom calibration for elevated temperature on request


• 500 µm Ultra Low-OH fiber with stainless steel SMA-905 connectors
• Kevlar® protected or armored cables available


Our CLEARVIEW HVP Analyzer System delivers accurate, real time H2O2 and H2O measurement results. Its long-term stability and no maintenance requirements make it a cost effective, smart choice to help optimize production and ensure product quality ultimately enhancing profitability. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we maintain expert technical support and responsive global service for the lifetime of the system.

CLEARVIEW HVP™ Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer System


1 or 2

Enclosure Options

Stainless Steel: 16 in x 12 in x 6 in (41 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm); Painted Carbon Steel: 14 in x 12 in x 6 in (36 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm)

Response Time

1 second, minimum. User settable

H2 O2 Vapor Measurement Range

0.1 – 50.0 mg/L [71.2 – 35,600 ppm V/V]

H2 O2 Measurement Accuracy

± 0.1 mg/L

H2 O Vapor Measurement

1.0 mg/L – to condensation [>1345 ppm V/V]

H2 O Measurement Accuracy*

“1.0 mg/L *
Relative to concentration at time of reference”

Ambient Temperature

10 °C – 45 °C

Optimal Ambient Temperature Stability

< ±2 °C

Relative Humidity

0– 90% non-condensing


Q:   What needs to change or be configured on the CLEARVIEW HVP™ Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer when installing and testing a new 50cm G-SST probe from the currently installed shorter 28cm optical path G-SST probe?

A: Since the new 50 cm probe and the currently installed older style (28 cm) probe use the same sanitary flange size and are about the same physical length, you need to follow the setup changes as described in Appendix B of the HPV ClearView db manual to correct for the increase in optical pathlength.   See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Appendix B ClearView db Menu Tree

Follow these steps when upgrading from 28.3 cm path to 50cm G-SST Vapor probes, make this change in the analyzer Answers Adjust Screen.

  • See Slope Value of 0.0353 (1/28.3cm). Change that to 0.02
  • Select SAVE after the change
  • Perform this for EACH answer (H2O) and H202)

What needs to change is a slope value in computing the answer for each component. The slope value is a scaling function of 1/pathlength in cm.

Go to the Answer Adjust Page and see the location where the current slope exists. For 28.3cm path probe it should be 0.0353. Change that value to 0.02 that corresponds to 1/50.

Select SAVE then exit.

You are now ready to operate with the new upgraded VHP GSST Vapor Probes.

Q:   Is there a way to easily test the replacement 50cm probe for correct operation once installed on the CLEARVIEW HVP™ Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer?   (other than running a full cycle and just monitoring)

A: To easily test the new 50 cm G-SST probe once connected to the CLEARVIEW HVP™ Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer note the water vapor at ambient. Then put the chamber in a vacuum mode. The moisture level should drop as the chamber is evacuated.

Alternatively, the 50cm vapor G-SST probe can be relocated into a humidity chamber, then inject a certain level of moisture and read once the humidity has stabilized.

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