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Model 412 Analyzer Class-PA Software 

Model 412 Analyzer Class-PA Software – Trend Display After Year 2020

The Class-PA software for the Model 412 analyzer has an anomaly that in some cases prevents it from displaying Trend Data. The problem is in the auto-scale feature of the trend screen.

The trend will once again be displayed, if/when the user manually sets the scale value, via the max/min limit windows on the top and bottom of the screen, or via the  control Limits option.

NOTE: There is no longer a need to change the date to a previous year as was previously suggested with the initial patch to the problem.

Trend Display Correction Procedure:

NOTE – If you did NOT reset the date previously, please skip to step 2.

1.Exit ClassPA and delete the following files from the folder –

 [C:\Program Files (x86)\Guided Wave\CLASS-PA\Server\Misc] .  The event log files [analyzer.dates and viewer.db] and the [ANAnnnn. Display data base]. Now start Class PA.

2. Open the ClassPA setup and for each result (or model) set up the Control Limits for each answer with the expected values for the target, alarm and warning parameters. (Image above)

3. Note that the date shown on the display will show the correct month and day, but the year will still indicate 2020. However, all other logged data will now have the correct dates, including the year. Contact Us for any further assistance or questions.

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