Turbidity Process Flow Cell

Turbidity Process Flow Cell

Our GUIDED WAVE™ Turbidity Process Flow Cell was developed for at-line measurements where a direct insertion probe is not practical. The turbidity measurement detects solids breakthrough in your process while simultaneously measuring the transmission provided a 20mm optical path length is appropriate, for example, when monitoring Saybolt color. One of the primary advantages of UV-VIS and NIR process spectroscopy is the utilization of intrinsically safe fiber optic cables to remotely locate the analyzer relative to your process.

While direct insertion probes eliminate sample loops and sample systems and their associated problems, sometimes it is necessary to install sample loops for safety, service, and/or sample conditioning reasons. The Multi-Purpose Flow Cell MPFC is a convenient, compact, rugged sample interface that is easy to install and even easier to service. The cell’s sapphire windows can be cleaned by simply removing a clean-out plug for direct access to the windows without disconnecting process lines or fiber optic cables. This clean-out port is a Guided Wave innovation.

  • Suitable for Haze or Turbidity and select transmission measurements
  • Measurement is made by a 90° backscatter measurement
  • Clean out port for easy window cleaning
  • Compatible with our ClearView db analyzers configured for Haze or turbidity

Designed for at-line measurements where a direct insertion probe is not practical

Process Insights_Guided Wave Turbidity Process Flow Cell



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