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Precision market leading trace and percent oxygen analyzers and transmitters can protect your process, plant and personnel

Our Alpha Omega Instrument Series 3000™ Trace Oxygen Analyzer is a rugged, microprocessor-controlled oxygen analyzer designed for continuous or intermittent measurement of trace oxygen concentrations.

  • Range from 0-1 PPM to 0-10,000 PPM
  • Available in single or three-range configuration.
  • Auto-ranging for the latter is available at no additional charge

The Series 3000 is housed in a general-purpose enclosure and is powered from either a universal 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, or 18-32 VDC. Trace oxygen values are displayed on a 0.4 inch (10.2 mm) high, 4-1/2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD). The Series 3000 is equipped with three oxygen alarm relays and one status alarm relay. All four relays are Form C (SPDT) types rated at 10 amps at 115/230 VAC and 30 VDC. The relays are user configurable for fail-safe operation. In addition to the four alarm contacts, the analyzer has a built-in audible alarm and three red LEDs for visual indication of an oxygen alarm condition.

The audible alarm may be manually canceled at any time. The Series 3000 provides users with two standard analog outputs, 4-20 mADC and 0-2 VDC. For enhanced communications, the analyzer can be equipped with optional RS-232C or RS-485 serial communications.  Also available with an optional CO2 tolerant sensor.


  • Long-life Trace Oxygen Sensor:  Provides up to three times the functional life of most “fuel cell” type sensors. Reliability is dramatically increased while maintenance costs are reduced.
  • Sealed Sensor:  Eliminates handling potassium hydroxide (caustic), a hazardous material or having to frequently “recharge” the electrolyte.
  • CO2 Resistant Sensor:  Optional CO2 resistant sensor is designed to operate with sample gases containing up to 100% CO2. Conventional “fuel cell” type sensors using KOH electrolyte can be poisoned from CO2.
  • Affordable:  Economically priced with savings of up to 50% over other manufacturers trace oxygen analyzers.
  • Wide Measurement Range:  Measure from under 1 PPM to as high as 10,000 PPM oxygen.
  • Factory Calibration:  A factory Certificate of Performance Verification and Calibration is included at no additional charge. The product performance is verified in accordance with manufacturing specifications using a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable transfer calibrated standard gas mix.
  • Visual and audible alarms included along with two analog recorder outputs.

If you are concerned over unsafe levels of oxygen explore our complete line of cost-effective oxygen deficiency monitors.  Our products serve the petrochemical, energy, refining, bulk gas, aerospace, energy, environmental, food and beverage, atmospheric, biofuels, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemical, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, semiconductor, laboratory and research, life science, atmospheric, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical markets.


  • Improved reliability
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Backed by global service and support

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Low Maintenance Trace Oxygen Analyzers with Long-Life Sensor

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