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Process & Lab
FTIR FT-NIR Analyzers

FTIR FT-NIR Process & Lab Analyzers

Optical Absorption Spectroscopy

Using a broad spectral region from the near-infrared to the mid-infrared, our Guided Wave ANALECT® Series of FTIR/FT-NIR analyzersOptical Absorption Spectroscopy measure physical and chemical properties of liquids, solids and gases.  They are ideal for complex refinery applications such as fuels blending and component streams applications for polymers, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals in addition to general manufacturing.  Customers include ADNOC, BP, CITGO, CPCL, Gazpromneft, HPCL, IOCL, Orpic, Phillips 66, Rompetrol, Statoil, PBF Energy and Tesoro.

  • ANALECT® Diamond 20™- FTIR/NIR system designed for operation in rugged at-line environments as well as the laboratory bench.
  • ANALECT® RefinIR™ – Fully integrated laboratory autosampler and FTIR instrument.
  • FTIR / NIR Accessories – Accessories for laboratory, at-line and on-line MidIR and NIR applications.

SpectraSuite Software

Our on-line and at-line FTIR FT-NIR Process & Lab Analyzers provide real-time multi-component measurements for physical and chemical properties of liquids, solids and gases. Based on the rugged Transept™ Interferometer, our systems have years of proven capability in harsh and hazardous process environments. They are used for numerous process and environmental applications in the refinery, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing industries.

SpectraSuite™ takes you from lab to on-line, providing real-time process analysis, model development, validation routines and environmental reporting all in one reliable and stable suite of software. Use this software for spectral collection and validation with ANALECT® and RPM® product lines.

  • SpectraRTS™ – leading edge Windows® based software utilized with analyzers for process monitoring, analysis and control. It provides sample system control and DCS communications.
  • SpectraQuant™ – an advanced Windows® based chemometric software utilizing spectrascopic models to deliver predictions.
  • SpectraQ™ – enables the effective use of instruments and sampling accessories for routine laboratory analysis and instrument validation.
  • SpectraEVM™ – gives you an environmental reporting package allowing continuous reporting of up to 99 streams for use in a CEMS or other ambient air monitoring applications.
  • SpectraStudio™ – provides a Windows® based data collection and analysis program designed to provide a high degree of flexibility to user s operating in lab environments.
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      Powerful On-Line or At-Line Analyzers / Optical Absorption Spectroscopy for Industrial Applications



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      ANALECT® RovIR™

      Guided Wave FTIR Portable Analyzer

      ANALECT® Hydrocarbon SmartSystem™

      Guided Wave FTIR Analyzer for Refinery Monitoring


      Guided Wave FTIR Environmental Vapor Monitoring Analyzer

      ANALECT® Diamond MX™

      Guided Wave FTNIR On-Line Analyzer

      ANALECT® Diamond 20™

      Guided Wave FTIR/NIR Analyzer

      ANALECT® RefinIR™

      Guided Wave Integrated Laboratory Autosampler & FTIR Analyzer

      ANALECT® PCM 1000™

      Guided Wave Mid IR Direct Coupled Analyzer

      ANALECT® PCM 5000™

      Guided Wave Mid-Infrared Analyzer


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