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Relative Humidity Measurement Hygrometers

Announcement –  Hygrocontrol Product Line

We would like to inform you that our Hygrocontrol Type 81, 82 and 85 series, starting September 26th, 2023 are no longer available.  Please contact us if you have any questions or require service.


Explore our HYGROCONTROL™ high-precision relative humidity and temperature meter (hygrometers) for industrial use.  Our relative humidity hygrometers measure the amount of moisture or humidity in the air, or any confined spaces. They can measure absolute, relative, or dew point temperature.  Our relative humidity hygrometers use a capacitance type sensing element with polymer dielectric medium, available in general purpose and hazardous areas. Available in wall or duct mounting as well as with various remote probes. Works well under a wide temperature range and maintains stable condensation tolerance. Ideal for long-term application with low maintenance. They are the perfect solution for every measurement for many industrial applications.

Our HYGROCONTROL high-precision relative humidity and temperature meter is a device that measures both the relative humidity and temperature of the air in a particular location.  The device uses a high-precision sensor to detect the moisture content in the air and converts the readings into a percentage value, which indicates the relative humidity. The temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

They are designed to provide accurate and reliable readings in various environments, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings. They are commonly used in HVAC systems, laboratories, museums, and greenhouses to monitor and control the relative humidity and temperature levels.

One of the key features is their high level of precision. They are capable of measuring relative humidity with an accuracy of up to ±1% and temperature with an accuracy of up to ±0.1°C. This level of accuracy makes them ideal for use in applications where precise humidity and temperature control is critical, such as in pharmaceutical manufacturing or in the storage of sensitive materials.

In addition to their high precision, they are also known for their user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-read displays. Some models may also include additional features, such as data logging capabilities or alarms that alert users when humidity or temperature levels fall outside of a specified range.

Our Relative Humidity Hygrometer Solutions for Industrial Applications

Type 81, 82

HYGROCONTROL™ High-Precision Relative Humidity & Temperature Meter (Hygrometer) For Industrial Use
Process Insights_HYGROCONTROL TYPE 81,82


HYGROCONTROL™ Closed Loop Relative Humidity & Temperature Meter (Hygrometer) For Industrial Use.
Process Insights_HYGROCONTROL TYPE 83


HYGROCONTROL™ Relative Humidity & Temperature Meter (Hygrometer) For Industrial Use.
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