Reliable APHA/PT-Co (Hazen) Color Analyzer (ASTM D1209)


Using our Guided Wave APHA/Platinum-Cobalt Color Analyzer System to automate this measurement within a process eliminates the visual judgment of a technician and delivers online real-time process control information to the process operators.

Our Guided Wave Saybolt Color Analyzer System is a complete solution, “ready-to-go” analytical system:
  • Analyzer – ClearView® db filter photometer technology
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Sample interface – insertion probe or flow cell
  • Control software and Saybolt application calibration
  • Accurate, Real-time Reliable Results

The APHA/Platinum-Cobalt Color Analyzer System utilizes a Guided Wave multi-wavelength ClearView db filter photometer analyzer platform. It may be configured for either one (1) or two (2) independent sample monitoring points. The ClearView db analyzer is configured with application-appropriate wavelengths to measure the APHA/Platinum-Cobalt color of the sample. The analyzer employs a dual-beam design – meaning; the system has an continual internal optical reference check that allows it to self-compensate for signal variation due to non-sample conditions. This ultimately provides the system with long term stability. The final product is a total APHA/Platinum-Cobalt Color System that measures the color variation without interference from other factors.

Figure 1 shows an initial calibration chart showing the measured values as compared to laboratory standard values.

This test method describes a procedure for the visual measurement of the color of light-colored liquids. It can be referred to by several different names: APHA, Platinum-Cobalt, or Hazen. The measurement was originally developed to detect contamination of water supplies as detected by a slight yellow color. Today it finds use in many industries to measure slight yellowness to determine product quality (either degradation or impurities).

The APHA/Platinum-Cobalt color scale is described in ASTM D1209 “Standard TestMethod for Color of Clear Liquids (Platinum-Cobalt Scale)”. This ASTM method is an off-line manual laboratory method. The original test design required an observer to compare the color of a product to a known standard, and then judge the “color.” The APHA/Platinum-Cobalt color scale ranges from 0 to 500. The lowest value of 0 is referred to as water white. value of 500 is distinctly yellow.

The Smart Color Analyzer Choice

Complete APHA/Platinum-Cobalt (Hazen) Color Analyzer System:

  • Unique dual beam optics – for long term, stable operation
  • Up to two (2) independent measurement points –  for added analytical flexibility at reduced cost per point
  • High efficiency yet rugged fiber optics – analyzer electronics can be located away from a hazardous sample point
  • In-door touch screen or Ethernet (Modbus TCP) – easy local or remote analyzer operation and control
  •  Analytical calculations are all encoded in the software – answers and alarms are clearly reported

Our APHA/Platinum-Cobalt Analyzer System delivers accurate, real-time process measurement results. Its linearity and repeatability, as well as its low maintenance requirements make it a cost effective, smart choice to help optimize production, improve yields, ensure consistent product quality and enhance profitability. The Saybolt Analyzer System may be customized in variations. 

Specifications: APHA/Pt-Co (Hazen) Color Analyzer – Photometer

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    Measurement made easy in a complete, “ready-to-go” analytical system

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