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TOC Online Water Analyzer

Continuous TOC Analysis for harsh water and wastewater 

True TOC Measurements in Any Type of Water Across Many Industrial Applications

Our LAR™ QuickTOCultra™ online TOC water analyzer is one of the most reliable TOC measurement systems for the roughest wastewater applications on the market today.

Due to an unrivaled injection and oxidation technique, the QuickTOCultra online TOC water analyzer easily handles sticky, fatty, salty, and high-particle samples unlike other TOC analyzers.  These water analyzers are designed to fit harsh environmental monitoring, municipal facilities, and industrial manufacturing applications.  

One of the best benefits of the QuickTOCultra online TOC water analyzer is its accuracy and sensitivity in detecting Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water. TOC is an important parameter for monitoring water quality, as it provides an indication of the level of organic pollutants present in the water.  It is capable of detecting TOC levels as low as 1 part per billion (ppb), making it highly sensitive and accurate. This is particularly important in industries such as pharmaceuticals, where even trace amounts of organic contaminants can have a significant impact on product quality and safety.


Our QuickTOCultra online TOC water analyzer is used in a variety of industries where water quality analysis is important like:

  • Water treatment plants: Used to monitor the quality of the water being treated and ensure that it meets regulatory standards.
  • Chemical manufacturing: Used to monitor the quality of water used in chemical processes to ensure that the end product meets specifications.
  • Food and beverage manufacturing: Used to monitor water quality in food and beverage production to ensure product safety and quality.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Water is a critical component in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the QuickTOCultra water analyzer can be used to monitor water quality to ensure product safety.
  • Environmental monitoring: Used to monitor water quality in rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water to assess environmental impact and potential pollution.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing:  Used for the measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels in ultrapure water. Ultra-pure water is used extensively in the semiconductor industry for cleaning and rinsing processes during the production of microchips and other semiconductor devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Exact determination of TC, TOC (TRUE TOC) and TIC
  • Measurement Range: 0.1-100 mg/l, 2-400 mg/l, 5-2,000 mg/l, 100-15,000 mg/l, 100-50,000 mg/l, further options available
  • Proven thermal oxidation principle
  • Highest combustion temperature available (1,200°C)
  • Catalyst-free
  • Fast Response Time: 3 minutes
  • Multi-stream measurements (optional)
  • No filtration necessary
  • High salt concentrations possible, up to 30% NaCl
  • No memory effects
  • Very low maintenance and operational costs
  • According to DIN EN 1484:1997-08, ISO 8245:1999-03 and EPA 415.1


  • Water Influent
  • Water Effluent
  • Discharge Control
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • De-Icing Water
  • Process Water
  • High Salt Concentrations


    • Flow Sampler
    • Ambient Air Preparation Unit
    • CO2-Remover
    • Multi-stream measurement for up to 6 sample streams
    • Combination with COD and TNb detection
    • Oil-in-Water


    • IP54 (Standard)
    • NEMA 4X
    • ATEX Zone I
    • ATEX Zone II
    • IECEx

    We are the TOC Leader
    Monitor TOC, COD, BOD, TN, and Toxicity Impurities in all Types of Water

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    • Robust Sample Preparation: The QuickTOCultra uses an advanced sample preparation system that helps remove any particles or contaminants in the sample before it is analyzed. This ensures that the analyzer can provide accurate and reliable measurements even in rough wastewater applications where the sample quality may be poor.
    • Superior Measurement Technology: The QuickTOCultra uses a unique combustion technology that is highly resistant to interference from other substances in the wastewater, such as salt or organic acids. This means that the analyzer can accurately measure the TOC concentration even in the presence of high levels of these substances.
    • Low Maintenance Requirements: The QuickTOCultra is designed to require minimal maintenance and calibration, making it ideal for use in rough wastewater applications. It uses a self-cleaning combustion system that helps keep the analyzer clean and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.
    • Easy to Install and Use: The QuickTOCultra is designed for easy installation and operation. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for operators to configure and calibrate the analyzer. The analyzer can also be integrated into existing control systems, making it easy to incorporate into existing wastewater treatment processes.



    Monitor TOC, COD, BOD, TNb, and Toxicity Impurities in all Types of Water

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