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Water Quality Matters Across All Industrial Applications

Water is used for fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting products is critical in the semiconductor Manufacuring industry. The semiconductor manufacturing process requires ultra-pure water across many phases.  On average for example, one single 8″ wafer may require up to 2,000 gallons of ultra-pure water to achieve the required cleanliness.  What this means is, it requires a tremendous amount of water.  This means water quality monitoring is vital.  

When You Need Continuous online monitoring of total organic carbon (TOC) in ultra-pure water

Like many other industrial manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturers recycle and reuse water to reduce costs.  We can help maintain the water quality standards in the production process.  Careful water quality monitoring is crucial.  Our water quality solutions ensure high product quality fast which ideal for pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications.

In the manufacturing of semiconductors, particles and organic/inorganic components can have a significant effect on sensitive photo-lithographic processes. Biological growth, often promoted by an increased TOC content, can contribute to unintended chemical processes, and inferior product quality and yield.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the assurance of product quality is paramount. Depending on the areas of application, water for injections (WFI) is used for injections, highly purified water (HPW) for the processing of sterile preparations and purified water (PW) for non-sterile preparations such as pills, and for cleaning processes.

Measure the lowest organic impurities fast for optimal process control in challenging industries

Our QuickTOCtrace delivers the lowest measuring ranges, which uses UV oxidation and differential conductivity measurement to determine organic contamination, making it ideal for TOC measurement of ultra-pure water. It is a compact and intuitive analyzer with a short reaction time – first results are available within 30 seconds.  Using UV oxidation and differential conductivity measurement, the QuickTOCtrace reliably determines organic concentration in a range of 0.1 to1,000 ppb TOC and yields results within 30 seconds.  It is particularly suited for pharmaceutical applications needing water for injections, high purified water, purified water, as well as ultra-pure water all meeting the ASTM D5127 and SEMI F63 USA pharma regulations (pharmacopoeia), as well as the European pharma regulation (European pharmacopoeia).

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