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Process Insights’ products and analytical solutions deliver high value to our customers, improve safety, meet compliance, and protect your assets, personnel, and the environment. 

Our products serve the petrochemical, semiconductor, energy, refining, specialty gas, bulk gas, laboratory and research, life science, environmental, food and beverage, atmospheric, bio fuels, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, municipalities, medical, chemical, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, and aerospace markets.

TOC Online Water Analyzers

LAR Process Analysers

Fast and reliable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) online water analyzers for complex industrial wastewater to pure water applications.

Real-Time Mass Spectrometers

Extrel CMS

Continuous, real-time analysis, full, speciated composition, high sensitivity, and wide dynamic range that are engineered with function and ease of maintenance.

Laser-Based CRDS Gas Analyzers

Tiger Optics

High-performance, laser-based CRDS gas analyzers and integrated systems for industrial process monitoring for semiconductor, bulk and specialty gas  and more.


COSA Xentaur

High performance calorimeters for continuous and reliable fuel and flare gas combustion, Wobbe Index, heating value (BTU) and the Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI) analysis.

Dew Point Meters

COSA Xentaur

Dew point meters, both portable and fixed, with the fastest aluminum oxide sensor on the market – with the patented HTF (hyper-thin-film) technology – provide precise measurement for process control.

Chilled Dew Point Hygrometers

MBW Calibration

The most reliable and simultaneous measurement of humidity in climate chambers to high temperature environments to SF6 purity and SO2 concentration, and more.

Laboratory and Online Elemental Analyzers

ATOM Instrument

Laboratory and online elemental analyzers for total sulfur-nitrogen applications in liquids, solids and gases for the petrochemical and pipeline industries.

Oxygen and Safety Monitors

Alpha Omega Instruments

Field-proven, reliable trace and percent oxygen monitoring and safety monitors for industrial, medical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, petrochemical applications, and more.

Relative Humidity Hygrometer


High-precision, closed loop relative humidity and temperature hygrometer with ease of calibration, minimal drift, and excellent stability over temperature fluctuations.  

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