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Creating products from raw materials in chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other continuous process industries depends on intricate and complex process systems operating continuously in harsh, hazardous, caustic or remote environments. To ensure efficiency, quality, regulatory & environmental compliance, and safety, real-time and precise measurements must be taken during the various stages of production or operation.

Process Insights sophisticated suite of analyzers and sensors help customers make complex measurements concerning the composition of one or more components in their liquid and/or gas continuous processes.

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The chemical industry converts raw materials (oil, gas, air, water, metals and minerals) into thousands of products in gaseous, liquid and solid state. Process Insights' solutions are used to increase efficiency, ensure quality and ensure the safety of equipment and people.


The petrochemical industry covers a wide range of activities and businesses which are share a common need to control levels of moisture, oxygen, and hydrogen in gas and liquid phases. All analytical activities are initiated to ensure safety, protect equipment and maximize quality as well as efficiency.

Semiconductor, Electronics, LEDs

Semiconductors are considered as the brains of modern electronics. They are essential components of electronic devices and enable advances in communications, computing, healthcare, transportation, clean energy and many other applications.

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

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Agriculture and Food & Beverage

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Energy and Alternative Energy

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A growing interest in environmental protection is causing industry to make less and less use of natural resources, to reduce pollutant emissions to air, water and land, and to generate less and less waste over time.


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Aerospace, Military & Government

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