Manufacturing is one of the largest sectors involved in value creation and makes a decisive contribution to global GDP. The chemical industry is part of this manufacturing sector and is one of the most diverse industries. It is concerned with the production and conversion of raw materials (oil, gas, air, water, metals and minerals) into thousands of products in gaseous, liquid and solid state. It is therefore of central importance for the modern global economy.

In order to increase efficiency, quality and safety, the chemical industry is undergoing change. Digital technologies are disrupting old ways of working, but they also reveal opportunities for improving established processes. Chemical companies can create value by digitizing their value chains. Three major challenges are reshaping the operating models of chemical companies:

  1. Massive advances in technology and innovation
  2. Rapidly changing customer requirements and
  3. Increasing pressure on costs and productivity

In order to meet the challenging and constantly changing market requirements, measuring methods and measuring instruments are needed in production that take into account current trends.

With its brands, Process Insights provides innovative solutions for gas and water analysis, which are used in a wide range of chemical processes. Our solutions are used to increase efficiency, ensure quality and guarantee safety for plant and people.

Key Segments of Chemical Process Industry

Chemical products are categorized based on the market segments they serve. Some products are used to for the production of other products while some are ready-made to be consumed by the end-users. Process Insights divided the products of the chemical industry into three categories.

Basic Chemicals

Basic chemicals are the raw material for many other products. These include organic chemicals such as ethylene, propylene or butadiene and inorganic chemicals such as ammonium, sulfuric acid or chlorine.

Speciality chemicals colours

Speciality chemicals

This category covers a wide variety of chemicals for crop protection, paints and inks, colorants (dyes and pigments). It also includes chemicals used by industries as diverse as textiles, paper and engineering. 

Consumer chemicals

Consumer chemicals are sold directly to the end-users. They include from detergents, soaps, toiletries, to cosmetics and fragrances. Consumer chemicals are a multi-billion dollar industry.

Our brands in chemical industry

  • LAR Process Analysers

    Innovative Water Solutions

    LAR manufactures innovative water solutions meeting the tough requirements of the oil and gas industry. Especially for water-steam-cycles as well as for cooling, process, and waste water, effective monitoring is essential to incrase efficiency, ensure product quality and safety for petrochenical processes.

    • Water-Steam-Circuits
    • Cooling Water
    • Process Water
    • Oil-in-Water
  • COSA Xentaur

    Innovative Measurement Solutions

    COSA Xentaur manufactures innovative measurement solutions for fast and accurate gas analysis, such as WOBBE, BTU, and dew point.

    • Flare Stack / Fuel Gas Optimization
    • Natural Gas Blending / Gas Turbines
    • Moisture Dew Point in Ethylene Plants
  • ExtrelCMS

    Real-Time Gas Analyzers for Research and Industry
    • Ethylene
    • Hydrogen Production
    • NaturalGas / BTU Petrochemical

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