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Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

High Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometry for Laboratory and Industrial Applications

Our chilled mirror hygrometer technology has been a market leader in humidity generation, humidity measurement, SF6 gas analysis, and temperature measurement instrumentation.  Their chilled mirror technology enables alternative humidity parameter measurements such RH, ppmv, vapor pressure and absolute humidity.

NMI and Designated Institutes (DI) maintain national standards. Their role at the top of the calibration hierarchy is to provide traceability to the SI units and to offer the best measurement capability within nations. Most NMI and DI use our MBW 373 Model for verification of generated values from primary humidity generators.  In laboratories without primary realization, the 373 Model is the most commonly used transfer standard to maintain traceability.  Most of the International Intercomparisons for humidity have used our MBW 373 Model thanks to its fundamental performance and its unique capability to provide traceability to the Kelvin through its second mirror PRT feature.

Our chilled mirror hygrometer technology provides highly precise, stable, and repeatable results. Water vapor condenses onto a temperature-controlled mirror surface and this ‘dew point’ is detected with advanced optical electronics. Since dew point is specific to water vapor concentration and not temperature dependent, measurement precision is consistent across the full application range including high temperature and humidity conditions in climatic test chambers.

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