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Fixed Magnet Mass Spectrometry Technology

Mass Spectrometry Technology

Fixed Magnet Mass Spectrometry Technology

Fixed magnetic mass spectrometry, also known as magnetic sector mass spectrometry, is a type of mass spectrometry that uses a magnetic field to separate ions based on their mass-to-charge ratio (m/z). This technique is widely used in various analytical applications, including organic and inorganic chemistry, environmental science, and pharmaceutical analysis.   In fixed magnetic mass spectrometry, a sample is ionized by an electron beam or other ionization source, creating positively charged ions. The ions are then introduced into the instrument and accelerated to a high speed using an electric field.

As the ions pass through a magnetic field, they experience a force that depends on their m/z ratio. This force causes the ions to follow a curved trajectory, with the degree of curvature depending on their m/z ratio. Only ions with a specific m/z ratio can follow a path that leads to the detector.  The magnetic field in a fixed magnetic mass spectrometer is created using a magnet that is either permanent or electromagnet. The strength and direction of the magnetic field can be adjusted to control the separation of ions based on their m/z ratio.

Our fixed magnetic sector MGA™ mass spectrometer analyzers provide rapid, accurate and stable real-time analysis of up to 16 gas components in significantly less than 1 second. The unique combination of parallel spectrum processing and rapid stream selection makes this the world’s fastest available process gas analyzer with new stream analysis data provided every 2-3 seconds.

Rugged cybersecure communication options come standard.  Designed with IIoT in mind, the control architecture is based on the Modicon M580 ePAC programmed with EcoStruxure Control Expert software. The touch-screen HMI provides full support for secure role-based access permissions and stored audit trails for end-to-end cybersecurity. The hazardous area compliant HMI provides full access to system configuration, real-time data, stored data, system status and diagnostics. The native ethernet control architecture provides industrial connectivity for SCADA, DCS, SIS and Data Historians.

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