Online Water Analysis

Measuring TRUE Water Quality TOC Continuously 

High Temperature Method for Reliable Online Water Analysis

Our LAR water quality analyzer uses a high temperature method of 1,200°C, can completely oxidize a sample to accurately determine sum parameters. Particularly when measuring the TRUE TOC with differing of concentrations.  LAR is your solution for the determination of parameters such as TOC, TNb, TOD, COD, BOD and toxicity. 

The Total Organic Carbon (TOC) measures a samples organic load and is thus an important indicator for water quality. From complex industrial wastewater to pharmaceutical pure water, the LAR TOC analyzer makes the measurement quickly and precisely.

The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) indicates the amount of oxygen which is needed for the oxidation of all organic substances in water. Conventional methods need toxic and hazardous oxidants. The LAR COD analyzer determines the parameter safely without using hazardous chemicals – ideal for online as well as for laboratory use.

Ideal for de-icing applications, monitoring and controlling loads across the storage of wastewater, and for the seamless monitoring of TOC and COD.  Our technologies address the c
hallenges of effluent discharge from airports and wastewater treatment plants.

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