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Delivering a powerful suite of turnkey analytical solutions 

Cutting-edge innovation to help your business improve process and safety

We are a proud manufacturer of a premium portfolio of products and turnkey solutions.  Our solutions can integrate into many processes and systems, giving our customers greater visibility, streamlining decision making, and saving time and money.  You only need one vendor, Process Insights.  Each of our product brands have a long history of delivering advanced and reliable analytical solutions and real value.

Our innovative brands are well known in the semiconductor, oil and gas, aerospace, power gen, pharmaceutical, life science, food processing, chemical, and wastewater markets.  Across our portfolio, we help guide our customers through everchanging complex technical, regulatory challenges to find the “best-fit” for purpose technology.   

  • Single source of accountability for the purchase, installation, and service
  • Ensure mandated regulation and safety compliance
  • Reduces maintenance spend
  • Lowers cost of ownership
  • Increases yield productivity and quality

We manufacture

  • Analytical laboratory equipment
  • Calorimeters
  • Cavity ring-down spectroscopy technology (CRDS) analyzers
  • Chilled mirror hygrometers
  • Dew point meters and transmitters
  • FTIR/FT-NIR Process & Lab Analyzers, Flow Cells & Probes
  • Integrated gas analysis systems
  • Lab and elemental total sulfur – nitrogen analyzers
  • Mass spectrometers and MS systems
  • Online TOC COD BOD water quality analysis solutions
  • Oxygen deficiency and safety monitors
  • Oxygen percent and trace monitors
  • Sampling systems

  • Alpha Omega Instruments – Trace and Percent Oxygen Analyzers for Safety and Oxygen Deficiency Monitors
  • ATOM Instrument -Online and Lab Analyzers for Total Sulfur – Total Nitrogen Applications
  • COSA XENTAUR – Dew Point Measurement Solutions, Analytical Laboratory Equipment, and Wobbe Index, BTU/Heating Value & CARI (Combustion Air Requirement Index) Calorimeters
  • Extrel – Real-Time Mass Spec Gas Analyzers for Lab, Research and Industry
  • Guided Wave – FTIR/FT-NIR Process & Lab Analyzers, Flow Cells & Probes, Sampling Systems, and Data Analysis Software
  • Hygrocontrol – Temperature & Relative Humidity Hygrometers
  • LAR – Innovative Online Water Quality TOC COD BOD Toxicity Analysis Solutions
  • MBW Calibration – Precise Chilled Mirror Humidity Measurement and Calibration Systems
  • Tiger Optics – High-Performance CRDS Gas Analyzers for UHP

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Serving industrial, high purity, and labs and research applications around the world

Process Insights Advantages

  • Turnkey solutions provider, reduce procurement issues
  • Ensure safe operations
  • Protect personnel, facility, and the environment
  • Increase product quality
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce downtime
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduce process complexities
  • Keep operating costs in check
  • Keep the procurement process simple
  • Supported by a global service network

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