Mass Spectrometers Gas Analyzers

For Industrial Applications Requiring Real-Time, Continuous Monitoring

Our Extrel real-time quadrupole mass spectrometers and fixed magnetic sector analyzers are built for the demands of the gas and ion analysis for industrial and high purity process control, environmental monitoring, and cutting-edge laboratory research.  Our mass spectrometers offer high sensitivity and a wide dynamic measurement range (ppb to %) for full, speciated composition.  Our fast and powerful, quadrupole mass spectrometer performs precision quantitative analysis on every component in a gas or vapor mixture.  It can easily be fully automated for sampling of multiple gas channels.  For decades we have collaborated with research, academic, and industrial customers to deliver, design, integrate validate, and support these unique turnkey solutions.


  • Ease of analysis of contaminants
  • PPT detection
  • Analysis in seconds
  • Multi-port sample systems for total site monitoring
  • Minimal maintenance


The production of Ethylene involves the steam cracking of hydrocarbons at extremely high temperatures.  It is imperative to run an ethylene furnace as close as possible to the optimum set point.   Application benefits of our Extrel MAX300-RTG 2.0 Industrial Mass Spectrometer include:

  • Analysis time less than 10 seconds per stream
  • Support of a variety of industry standard communication including Ethernet, Bi-directional Modbus, Modbus RTU or TCP/IP, OPC, Analog and Digital outputs and custom communication protocols


To maximize the production of Ethylene Oxide (EO), producers use the MAX300-RTG 2.0 Industrial Process Mass Spectrometer to calculate and control several key operating parameters.  Advantages of the MAX300-RTG 2.0 Industrial Gas Analyzer include:

  • Accurately measure the components in the reactor inlet stream (feed plus recycle) and multiple reactor outlet streams
  • Quickly analyze inlet and outlet streams in order to calculate oxygen and carbon balances, ethylene conversion and efficiency
  • Provide data to maintain catalyst activity and prevent bed overheating


Efficient hydrogen production requires the full composition analysis of the natural gas feed stream in less than 10 seconds and requires fast, accurate heating-value analysis for product quality control.  Advantages of the MAX300-RTG 2.0 Industrial Gas Analyzer include:

  • Ability to perform real-time compositional analysis and calculate heating values of the process feed gas and to perform C1-C8 analysis in less than 10 seconds with capability to analyze over 160 streams
  • Stream-switching capabilities allowing the operator to quickly analyze additional process streams such as reformer effluent, tail gas and the recycle streams
  • Use of the optional Electron Multiplier Detector which provides part per million (ppm) level analysis of the combined nitrogen and carbon monoxide components in the hydrogen product purity stream


  • Our Extrel MAX300-100 BTU Process Mass Spectrometers are widely used to calculate the BTU value of feed streams in Hydrocarbon and Petrochemical applications to optimize real-time gas mixing, burner control, and process efficiency.  


Hydrocarbon production applications and Synthesis Gas (Syngas) compositions must be tightly controlled during processing to achieve high quality final products. Our MAX300-LG and MAX300-RTG 2.0 Industrial Mass Spec deliver:

  • Typical analysis time of less than 7 seconds per stream
  • Extrel’s robust designs for the inlet, ionizer and filament assembly allowing ease of service and replacement
  • Support for a variety of industry standard communications including Ethernet, Bi-directional Modbus RTU or TCP/IP, OPC, Analog and Digital outputs and custom communications


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        Powerful, Real-Time Quadrupole Mass Spec Gas Analyzers for Industrial Applications


        • Ambient Air Monitoring
        • Blast Furnace
        • Breath Analysis
        • Emissions Monitoring
        • Environmental Research
        • Ethylene
        • Fenceline Monitoring
        • Fermentation Control
        • Flare Gas
        • Gasification / Syngas
        • Hydrogen Production
        • Material Science
        • Metals Production
        • Microreactors/ Continuous Flow Systems
        • Natural Product Analysis
        • Organic Chemistry
        • Petrochemical
        • Petrochemical Syngas
        • Pilot Scale Process/ R&D
        • Polyethylene
        • QA/ QC
        • Reaction Monitoring
        • Semiconductor
        • Solvent Drying
        • Solvent Recovery
        • Synthesis Studies
        • Thermogravimetric Analysis
        • Trace Gas Detection
        • Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Analysis


        • Improved reliability
        • Low cost of ownership 
        • Meet compliance requirements
        • Backed by global service and support

        Process Insights is committed to solving our customers’ most complex analytical and process challenges. 


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        MAX300-RTG™ 2.0

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        Extrel Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers


        Extrel Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers


        Extrel Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers


        Extrel Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers


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