Semiconductor, Electronics, and LEDs

Semiconductor Industry to produce more advanced products 

Semiconductors are considered the brains of modern electronics. They are essential components of electronic devices and enable advances in communications, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation, clean energy and many other applications.

The semiconductor market generates trillions of dollars worldwide and employs millions of people. Driven by digitalization with areas such as analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT technologies, the market will grow strongly in the future.

Semiconductors are represented in all areas of the “chain of action”. With increasing functionality of technical devices, secure communication and networking play an increasingly important role. Especially, new applications in the field of networking will continue to change our lives.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) as a strong driver

Connected devices and solutions will continue to change our lives. Sense – Think – Connect – Act using the example of a humidity analyzer.


A humidity sensor observes that the level of humidity in the process is rapidly decreasing.


The sensor’s intelligent software suspects that a water pump is malfunctioning.


The integrated wireless chip connects to the service application.


Service personnel replace the damaged pump before process efficiency can decrease any further.

Our brands in Semiconductor, Electronics and LEDs

  • Tiger Optics

    High-Performance Gas Analyzers

    Tiger Optics’ Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) trace gas analyzers have supported the semiconductor industry and other micro-electronic manufacturing sectors, based on their superior sensitivity, great stability and unparalleled uptime. Free of periodic maintenance, with no moving parts or consumables, featuring built-in calibration and zero drift, Tiger’s CRDS analyzers are the top choice of the world’s leading semiconductor fabs. Based solely on experience with our analyzers, SEMI F-112 designates CRDS as THE standard in determining moisture dry-down characteristics of ultra-high-purity gases and their respective delivery systems.

    • Airborne Molecular Contaminants
    • High-Purity Gases & Systems
    • Semiconductor Process Tools
    • UHP Ammonia & High-Brightness LEDs
  • LAR Process Analysers

    Innovative Water Solutions

    The semiconductor industry numerous processes need ultra pure water (UPW) for efficient operation. Any disturbance in water quality may lead to poor product quality or longer production cycles. Therefore, continuous and fast water analysis is required to meet the high quality standards set. Depending on the respective application, require-ments regarding UPW purity are defined in norms such as ASTM D5127 and SEMI F63.

    • Rinsing of wafers
    • Dilution of chemicals
    • Optical systems in photolithography

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