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Power generation is the process of converting / trans­forming primary energy sources (e.g. oil, natural gas, and hydro) into easy-to-use and easy-to-transport energy (secondary energy), e.g. electricity.

LAR Online Process Analyzers:  For energy, power generation application-specific water quality analyzers are turnkey solutions for your analytical measuring requirements.

energy power generation


Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

Providing teal-time insights for the power industry

As Process Insights, we help our customers to increase efficiency, meet their quality specs, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. 

The power industry covers a wide range of activities that share a common need to control levels of moisture, oxygen, and hydrogen in gas and liquid phases.

  • LAR Process Analysers

    Innovative Water Solutions

    LAR manufactures innovative water solutions meeting the tough requirements of the oil and gas industry. Especially for water-steam-cycles as well as for cooling, process, and waste water, effective monitoring is essential to incrase efficiency, ensure product quality and safety for petrochenical processes.

    • Water-Steam-Circuits
    • Cooling Water
    • Process Water
    • Oil-in-Water
  • COSA Xentaur

    Innovative Measurement Solutions

    COSA Xentaur manufactures innovative measurement solutions for fast and accurate gas analysis, such as WOBBE, BTU, and dew point.

    • Flare Stack / Fuel Gas Optimization
    • Natural Gas Blending / Gas Turbines
    • Moisture Dew Point in Ethylene Plants
  • ExtrelCMS

    Real-Time Gas Analyzers for Research and Industry
    • Ethylene
    • Hydrogen Production
    • NaturalGas / BTU Petrochemical

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