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XDT Series EX

Explosion Proof Dew Point Transmitter with Aluminum Oxide Sensor

Explosion Proof Digital Dew Point Transmitter


The below products have been discontinued.  Please contact us if you have questions or need further information.

Model XDT-XPH Transmitter in Adalat Explosion Proof Enclosure and the Model ESS-SCVP Mission Critical Class 1 Div 1, This covers all Series XDT-XPH Transmitters. This does not affect the overall XDT transmitter line. 

XDT-XPH Obsolescence Notice_2-2-2024

Main Part Numbers Affected:

  • XPH.S1.M.3000: XPH 4-Hole Atex Enclosure with OEM,120, Sr, 420, Znr
  • XPH.S1.M.3500: Oem, 120, Sr, 420, Znr
  • XDT.S1.E.6200: Zener Kit for XPH
  • XPH.37.M.0002: Ex Proof Encl W/ Cover – Zener

The cancellation of the product is due to a change in vender supplied Zener barrier required for Class 1 Div 1 ratings, reconfiguring of the XDT-XPH for the new Zener barrier will require complete recertification for the XDT-XPH. Process Insights will not be going forward with the recertification. We will be adding Class 1 Div 1 to the upgraded version of the XDT being developed for release in the next 1-2 years.

Service and support of the XDT-XPH will continue for the life of the Model XDT and as parts allow.

Sensor calibration and sensor replacement, Main board, Optical board, and most general parts will not be affected and are available as needed for service or field replacement. Please contact

Replacement options HDT, and other versions of the XDT. Please contact your area sales representative or send email to

Questions? We’re here to help.