Products for High Purity Applications

PRODUCTS FOR High Purity Applications

Analyze with Ease™ – We Know High-Purity Gas Analysis

Process Insights delivers innovative measurement products, systems, and analytical solutions for your high purity applications.  Our products deliver real value to our customers, improve safety, meet compliance, and protect assets, personnel, and the environment.  It’s engineering without compromise. 

For a complete range of high purity analytical instrumentation, applications, systems, and service options, please contact us.   We will work to match your needs and budget and provide the optimal, and most stable process analysis solution for your application.


At Process Insights, we recognize that process parameters can change due to external conditions, requiring adjustments to your existing streams or the addition of new streams.  Let our factory trained and certified support team thoroughly review your requirements, ensuring optimal performance and providing you with the best-fit solution.


Not sure what you need?  Unfamiliar with our CRDS gas analyzer portfolio?  Take a look at a summary of our TIGER OPTICS™ CRDS Product Specification Table.

Our state-of-the-art TIGER OPTICS™ CRDS (Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy) Gas Analyzers offer exceptional capabilities for real-time measurement of gas concentrations with remarkable speed and sensitivity. Measurement speed is influenced by various factors, such as the gas type and concentration, the specific instrument utilized, and the measurement conditions.


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Multi-Max AMC Monitoring Solution

You can spend a long time looking for Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMCs) when the catastrophic product performance or yield loss is discovered at your device final test stage; or you can deploy our Multi-Max™ AMC Monitoring Solution to locate and to monitor these invisible defect generators, commonly found lurking in and around equipment, personnel, wafer carriers, and cleanroom bays.

In today’s advanced semiconductor processing, the residual gases, vapors and chemicals emanating from the various materials, accelerated processing operations, and substrate storage and transport have become a critical concern. The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) now highlights AMC contamination as a key technical challenge in achieving and sustaining low defect rates on devices.

With a particular focus on the major contributors to the “chemical contamination” element of AMCs, our Multi-Max AMC Monitoring combines our T-I Max series CRDS analyzers that can detect and continuously monitor HF, HCl, and NH3 with an unprecedented combination of sensitivity, selectivity, and speed of response. Our AMC Monitoring Solution delivers the flexibility, accuracy and reliability you need.


  • Surveying different micro-environments in a fab is now fast and easy with our safe, flexible, and easy to use Multi-Max AMC Monitoring Solution.
  • Can be equipped with any combination of our T-I Max CRDS analyzers to monitor simultaneously and in real-time for the most critical contaminants in cleanroom air: NH3, HCl, and HF (other analytes available as well).
  • All our analyzers come with a compact, low-power, fanless vacuum pump optimized for cleanroom operation.


Ultrapure Micro (UPM) is a community of experts who wish to connect and share their knowledge with the wider microelectronics industry. To do this, UPM host an annual conference for industry collaboration, research, and networking; the UPM event has become a well-established annual event within the industry calendar, where semiconductor manufacturers, vendors and suppliers meet to discuss the latest trends in high purity environments, micro contamination around critical substrates in manufacturing, and water management in fabrication plants.

The Electronic Specialty Gas & Systems Conference (ESGS) provides a forum of engagement and learning around the market, technology trends, and market drivers for electronic gases. The conference includes sections focusing on developments in the bulk, rare and specialty gas markets that are critical to the continued growth of the electronics industry. The conference is designed for executives, buyers, product managers, and strategic planners from the electronic gases value chain including end-users, producers, and equipment suppliers. The conference features knowledgeable experts in the industry, who understand the key developments and challenges unique to this market.


Pushing Detection Limits to New Lows

HALO Max QCL™ CRDS Analyzer

Our revolutionary NEW TIGER OPTICS™ HALO Max QCL™ delivers unprecedented reductions in detection limits for specific molecules, including carbon monoxide (CO). Based on our latest Max platform, the HALO Max QCL CO enables ppt-level carbon monoxide detection, offering exceptional speed and enhanced usability in a comprehensive and robust package. This advanced analyzer ensures swift installation, provides continuous real-time detection, and boasts user-friendly operation and effortless maintenance. With built-in zero verification and zero drift capabilities, achieving accurate results has never been easier.

Elevate Your Moisture Detection


The TIGER OPTICS™ HALO™ KA H2O CRDS analyzer offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, delivering exceptional performance in a compact package. Utilizing our proprietary Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Technology, this analyzer enables effortless determination of moisture impurity levels as low as 100 parts per trillion. Benefit from its drift-free stability and immediate response time, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements. With hassle-free installation and user-friendly operation, maintaining the system is a breeze, further supported by the built-in zero verification feature. Designed specifically for trace-level moisture detection in bulk gases, specialty gases, and gas mixtures, it sets a new standard for precision and efficiency.

Unleashing Unmatched Precision in Total Organic Carbon Measurement

LAR™ QuickTOCtrace™ Water Analyzer

Introducing the LAR™ QuickTOCtrace™, the epitome of reliability in measuring total organic carbon (TOC) in ultra-pure water. Designed to deliver the lowest measuring ranges, this cutting-edge system utilizes UV oxidation and differential conductivity measurement to accurately determine organic contamination levels. With its exceptional capabilities, the QuickTOCtrace is the perfect choice for TOC measurement in ultra-pure water applications where precision is paramount.

For Semiconductor Wastewater Applications

LAR™ QuickTOCultra™ TOC Water Analyzer

The QuickTOCultra easily handles sticky, fatty, salty, and high-particle samples unlike other TOC analyzers.  Designed to fit harsh environmental monitoring, municipal facilities, semiconductor and industrial manufacturing applications.  

Setting the Standard for Contamination Detection in Ultra-High Purity Gases


Discover the VeraSpec™ APIMS SX5™ with Stream Switcher capabilities, delivering unmatched precision and repeatability in detecting low parts-per-trillion contamination in UHP gases. Specifically designed for semiconductor and high-tech industrial applications, this advanced system ensures stringent contamination control. Experience the cutting-edge capabilities to detect and monitor contamination in UHP gases.


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