• COVID-19 Update

    Even through these uncertain times, we are here to support you and your analytical measurement needs.  

  • NEW APIMS Delivers Low PPT-Level Detection

    The NEW VeraSpec APIMS delivers repeatable low parts per trillion detection limits for impurities in ultra-high purity gases.

  • Analyze with Ease

    When you want “Detection at the Speed of Light” explore the Tiger Optics Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) gas analyzers.


    The LAR NEW QuickTOCuvII is ideal for fast and reliable online monitoring for pure, drinking, surface, and wastewater.

  • MAX300-RTG Industrial Gas Analyzer

    Need an analyzer that delivers continuous gas analysis in real-time, provides complete quantitative stream composition analysis, and precise process control?  

  • Center of Excellence for the Americas

    Learn about our NEW Center of Excellence for the Americas that delivers innovation to our customers.

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For High-Performance Gas Analysis and Process Monitoring Solutions

For decades, the Process Insights’ global brands –ATOM Instrument, Tiger OpticsExtrelCOSA XentaurAlpha Omega InstrumentsLAR Process Analysers, Hygrocontrol, and MBW Calibration have optimized the process and research industry around the globe.

Our solutions and technologies ensure safe operations, increase production quality, improve asset lifecycle while optimizing levels of efficiency and throughput.  And, you get this with one supplier.  Process Insights delivers premium sensors, monitors, detectors, analyzers, instrumentation, and software that are mission-critical keep your operations, personnel, and the environment safe.

Our Brands

Our market leading brands are at work all over the world in some of the most critical and harsh applications known keeping the environment, assets and personnel safe.  

Measure with Confidence

Our multi-component, high precision, cost-efficient continuous monitoring solutions have repeatedly outperformed competitors and traditional, outdated technologies in power generation and industrial processes.

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