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Next-Gen FTIR FT-NIR Process and Lab Analyzers

Using a broad spectral region from the near-infrared to the mid-infrared, our ANALECT® Series of FTIR FT-NIR Process and Lab Analyzers measure physical and chemical properties of liquids, solids and gases.   Our analzyers provide multi-component and multi-stream analysis creating a strong value proposition to reduce costs through on-line analysis. The process proven ANALECT Transept™ Interferometer provides superior performance for complex refinery applications such as fuels blending and component streams applications for polymers, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals in addition to general manufacturing.

Customers include:  ADNOC, BP, CITGO, CPCL, Gazpromneft, HPCL, IOCL, Orpic, Phillips 66, Rompetrol, Statoil, PBF Energy and Tesoro.

  • ANALECT Diamond 20™ FTIR/NIR system designed for operation in rugged at-line environments as well as the laboratory bench.
  • ANALECT RefinIR™ Fully integrated laboratory autosampler and FTIR instrument.
  • FTIR / NIR Accessories – Accessories for laboratory, at-line and on-line MidIR and NIR applications.

Also take a look at our GUIDED WAVE™ NIR-UV-VIS process and lab analyzer spectrometers designed for remote multi-channel extended range near-infrared (1000-2100nm) spectroscopic analysis. See how they can monitor up to 12 process streams or sample interface points within a stream with accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.   

Near-Infrared To Mid-Infrared Process & Lab Analyzers

Near-Infrared (NIR) and Mid-Infrared (MIR) process and lab analyzers are powerful tools for analyzing various types of samples. Some of the benefits of using NIR/MIR analyzers include:

  • Speed: NIR/MIR analyzers are fast and can analyze multiple samples within seconds or minutes, making them ideal for high-throughput applications.
  • Non-destructive: NIR/MIR analyzers are non-destructive, meaning they do not alter or damage the sample being analyzed. This allows for repeated measurements on the same sample, which can be useful in tracking changes over time or assessing sample variability.
  • Versatility: NIR/MIR analyzers can analyze a wide range of samples, including solids, liquids, and gases. They can also analyze complex samples, such as multi-component mixtures, without the need for extensive sample preparation.
  • Accuracy: NIR/MIR analyzers provide accurate and precise results, making them useful for quality control and product testing.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to traditional laboratory methods, NIR/MIR analyzers can be more cost-effective due to their speed and minimal sample preparation requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly: NIR/MIR analyzers are environmentally friendly, as they use minimal or no solvents or reagents.

We are revolutionizing measurement everywhere!

For a complete range of analytical instrumentation, applications, systems, and service options, please contact us.   We will work to match your needs and budget and provide the optimal, and most stable process analysis solution for your application.

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The ANALECT Series of FTIR FT-NIR (Fourier Transform Infrared and Near-Infrared) Process and Lab Analyzers are versatile instruments that find applications in various industries for analyzing the physical and chemical properties of liquids, solids, and gases. Here are some examples of the applications that benefit from our ANALECT analyzers:

  • Petrochemical Industry: Used for the analysis of crude oil, petroleum products, and petrochemicals. They provide insights into parameters such as composition, sulfur content, octane number, and viscosity. This information helps in quality control, process optimization, and compliance with industry standards.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Used for analyzing various parameters like moisture content, fat, protein, sugar content, and other nutritional components. These analyzers enable quality control, product consistency, and verification of ingredient composition.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: ANALECT analyzers play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry by analyzing raw materials, intermediate products, and finished drugs. They assist in monitoring reactions, identifying impurities, and ensuring the quality and purity of pharmaceutical products.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Used in environmental monitoring applications, including air quality analysis, stack emissions monitoring, and water quality analysis. They help in identifying and quantifying pollutants, monitoring compliance with regulations, and assessing the impact of industrial activities on the environment.
  • Chemical Industry: Used in the chemical industry for process monitoring, quality control, and identification of chemical compounds. They provide valuable information about chemical composition, reaction progress, and purity, enabling efficient production and ensuring product quality.
  • Material Analysis: Used in applications for material analysis, including polymers, plastics, coatings, and adhesives. They assist in characterizing physical and chemical properties such as molecular structure, composition, and degree of polymerization, facilitating material development, quality control, and product optimization.
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ANALECT® FTIR Portable Analyzer for Real-Time Dynamic Monitoring of Pilot Scale Reaction Chemistries & Continuous Process Streams


ANALECT® Fully Integrated Laboratory Autosampler & FTIR Instrument Designed To Analyze Heavy & Light Hydrocarbons Including Crude Oil & Gasoline

Hydrocarbon Smart System™

ANALECT® On-Line, Real-Time FTIR Monitoring of Refinery & Petrochemical Process Streams in Hazardous Areas
ANALECT® Hydrocarbon SmartSystem®

Diamond MX™

ANALECT® FT-NIR On-Line Analyzer for Round-The-Clock Multi-Point Continuous Air Monitoring for a Variety of Applications

Diamond 20™

ANALECT® FTIR/NIR Analyzer for Operation in Rugged At-Line Environments and on the Laboratory Bench
Process Insights_ANALECT® Diamond 20


ANALECT® FTIR Monitoring Analyzer for Real-Time Analysis of Organic & Inorganic Compounds with ppb to % Level Detection.

PCM 1000™

ANALECT® Mid IR Direct Coupled Analyzer for On-Line, In-Situ & At-Line Monitoring of Batch & Continuous Processes Measuring Physical, Chemical & Compositional Properties of Liquids, Solids & Gases

PCM 5000™

ANALECT® Mid-Infrared Analyzer for Measuring Physical, Chemical & Compositional Properties of Liquids, Solids & Gases
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