For Continuous Environmental Vapor Monitoring

Our ANALECT® EVM™ Environmental Vapor Monitor System provides round-the-clock multi-point continuous air monitoring for a variety of applications. A proven, reliable FTIR technology yields real-time analysis of both organic and inorganic compounds and can measure ambient toxic and pollutant gases with ppb to % level detection.  With a variety of user-configurable alarms for instant warnings of toxic gas levels and system control, it’s capable of monitoring 28 components with up to 32 sampling points over a distance of 300 meters from the monitor.

  • Measures ambient toxic and pollutant gases with ppb to % level detection.
  • A variety of user configurable alarms for instant warnings of toxic gas levels and system control
  • Rapid response time – typically 20-200 seconds per stream
  • Configurable sample point selection control locally or by DCS
  • SpectraRTS™ Software engineered exclusively for environmental monitoring – appropriate for development chemists, engineers and maintenance personnel
  • Upgrade the discontinued Miran™ 981 & 983 air monitor systems with the ANALECT EVM


SpectraRTS™ Software – part of our SpectraSuite™ – engineered exclusively for on-line monitoring, allowing use by engineers, maintenance personnel, and chemists.

  • A leading-edge Windows® based software utilized with analyzers for process monitoring, analysis and control. 
  • Delivers flexible set-up and control of your system, extensive diagnostics, easy-to-use scripting and robust DCS communications.
  • Easy access tabs display results and system diagnostics.
  • Color-coded status information with click access to detailed information.
  • Full integrated development environment for VB.Net™ compatible scripting language.
  • DCS communications status.
  • Display of statistical data with custom sizing and splitter windows.
  • Control I/O to switch valves and monitor a variety of sample system conditions.
  • Collect spectra and apply quantitative analysis routines.
  • Transmit product properties, instrument QC data, and alarms via versatile communications protocols.
  • Validate and diagnose your system.
  • Implement calibration tools and programming flexibility.
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        For Real-Time, Continuous
        Multi-Point Air Monitoring 

        ANALECT® EVM

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        • Monitor ambient air for OSHA compliance for workplace safety
        • Monitor gases for production or unwanted byproducts
        • Low level leak detection of hazardous compounds
        • EPA method 320 HAPS


        Americas +1 909 264-9651
        EMEA +49 69 20436910
        China/APAC +86 400 086 0106



        ANALECT® FTIR Portable Analyzer for Real-Time Dynamic Monitoring of Pilot Scale Reaction Chemistries & Continuous Process Streams
        ANALECT® RovIR


        ANALECT® Fully Integrated Laboratory Autosampler & FTIR Instrument Designed To Analyze Heavy & Light Hydrocarbons Including Crude Oil & Gasoline
        ANALECT® RefinIR

        Hydrocarbon Smart System™

        ANALECT® On-Line, Real-Time FTIR Monitoring of Refinery & Petrochemical Process Streams in Hazardous Areas
        ANALECT® Hydrocarbon SmartSystem®

        Diamond MX™

        ANALECT® FT-NIR On-Line Analyzer for Round-The-Clock Multi-Point Continuous Air Monitoring for a Variety of Applications
        ANALECT® Diamond MX

        Diamond 20™

        ANALECT® FTIR/NIR Analyzer for Operation in Rugged At-Line Environments and on the Laboratory Bench
        Process Insights_ANALECT® Diamond 20

        PCM 1000™

        ANALECT® Mid IR Direct Coupled Analyzer for On-Line, In-Situ & At-Line Monitoring of Batch & Continuous Processes Measuring Physical, Chemical & Compositional Properties of Liquids, Solids & Gases
        ANALECT PCM 1000

        PCM 5000™

        ANALECT® Mid-Infrared Analyzer for Measuring Physical, Chemical & Compositional Properties of Liquids, Solids & Gases
        ANALECT PCM 5000
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