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Analytical Solutions for Agricultural Production Applications

Agriculture contributes greenhouse gas emissions and is a significant user of fossil fuel. This gives the global food system a large and vulnerable environmental footprint.  To maintain standards, operate efficiently and safely, agriculture production requires many types of gas monitoring and oxygen monitoring solutions. 

Globally our products and solutions have had a long history in the agriculture production process. From fermenter bioreactor off-gas composition analysis to single species or multi-component analysis (e.g. CO2, O2, N2, Ar, H2O, CO, H2, He, hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, sulfurs), we can deliver the types of systems your need for your process. Agriculture gas analysis is a very important aspect to crop production. To increase quality and yields, you need a reliable solutions provider. We know your process.

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Fermentation & Bioreactor

The fermentation process is used for the production of biomass, enzymes, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Cell types used in these culture processes were traditionally yeasts, fungi and bacteria.  Fermentation is a process breaks down large organic molecules via the action of microorganisms into simpler ones like yeast enzymes converting sugars and starches into alcohol, while proteins are converted to peptides/amino acids.  It is important to reduce production costs and optimize yields by improving fermentation conditions.  

We can provide fast and accurate analysis for control with our MGA™ 1200CS for Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR), Carbon Dioxide Evolution Rate (CER), Respiratory Quotient (RQ) and fermentation end point.  As well as easily monitor fermenter bioreactor off-gas composition analysis with our quadrupole mass spectrometer, EXTREL™ MAX300-LG.

MGA 1200CS Benefits

  • Accurate OUR and CER to track batch trajectory
  • Note mammalian cell cultures are typically OUR only due to pulsed input of CO2
  • Precise measurement of RQ during both growth and productive phases of microbial fermentation
  • Ensures viable cell density is achieved prior to transition to productive phase
  • Monitor important indicators of limiting conditions
  • Report DO2 probe drift c/o oxygen mass transfer (Kla)
  • Low maintenance

MGA 1200CS Electronics

  • Standard SE Control components widely available
  • Standard PSU modules widely available
  • Future-proof architecture
  • Internal Modbus/Ethernet communications
  • Available OPC-UA, Profibus & HART comms
  • Extensive diagnostics stored onboard
  • Only one proprietary board



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Water Quality for Agriculture 

Agricultural water is water that is used to grow fresh produce and sustain livestock. Pesticide usage promotes poor water quality.  Fertilizers use chemicals that harm our water. Stormwater and irrigation carry these chemicals to gullies, streams, lakes, and rivers and seeps into groundwater. When agricultural water is used effectively and safely, production and crop yield increase. A decrease can cause production and yield to decrease. 

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoring is important for water purification. Sources of TOC are often from detergents, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, industrial chemicals, and other chlorinated organics. Purification processes for water treatment include removal of undesirable chemicals, bacteria, solid waste and gases and can be very costly.  You can quickly monitor Total Organic Carbon (TOC) with our application-specific water quality analyzers and monitor it in crop production water used for irrigation purposes.

Get to know our LAR™ fast and accurate water analyzers that measure and monitor the most important contaminant parameters: TOCCODBOD, Toxicity, TNb, and Oil-in-Water and were designed to fit environmental monitoring, municipal facilities, and industrial applications.

Benefits of monitoring water quality in agriculture

  • Maintaining stock health
  • Maximize animal and plant production
  • Quality of water determines its potential use

Moisture control is extremely important in food processing.  Humidity and moisture in the processing line can result in the food being spoiled. When moisture is present, mildew, mold and bacteria can grow. Easily implement monitor moisture control with our field-proven dew point solutions in maturation and ripening, packaging, storage, and transportation of food and stimulants and continuous moisture analysis in instrument air and dryers, and portable spot checking.  

Benefits of moisture control

  • Trace moisture measurements for quality control of ammonia gas production
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced product waste
  • An effective process control system
  • Improved quality control

Ammonia Fertilizer Process Control

Chemical fertilizers are critical to the agricultural sector. Ammonia is among the top 10 chemicals produced today.  Fertilizers account for 85% of the ammonia produced while other industrial uses include fibers, plastics, coatings and resins. Fertilizer combines atmospheric nitrogen with hydrogen gas to form ammonia. The hydrogen gas used for this process is usually obtained from methane derived from natural gas or other fossil fuels. Ammonia is critical in the manufacturing of fertilizers.  It is one of the largest-volume synthetic chemicals produced around world.

Most ammonia is produced by steam methane reforming of a natural gas feedstock. To improve process efficiency and reduce costs, manufacturers have adopted a closed loop control strategy.  With our Industrial Mass Spectrometers, EXTREL™ MAX300-RTG 2.0, you gain real-time ammonia process control for optimized steam control and tighter H:N ratio at the converter.  Gain safe, automated, inline analysis of nitrous acid and urea in liquid at ammonia fertilizer plants with our Dual Beam Photometer for PAT Monitoring. 

BENEFITS of Using Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

  • Feed gas control
  • Rapid analysis of the feed stream for hydrocarbon concentration 
  • Reformer efficiency in the conversion of methane to hydrogen and carbon dioxide
  • Maximize hydrogen yield
  • Removal of carbon oxides, CO2 and CO, many types of catalysts, and trace amounts
  • Efficient production of ammonia
  • Control of process inert gases – argon, methane and helium 
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For Fermentation Control

MGA™ 1200CS™ Mass Spectrometer

A fixed magnetic sector analyzer that provides rapid, accurate and stable real-time analysis of up to 16 gas components in multiple gas streams. It’s the fastest process mass spec on the market.

For the Exact Determination of TC, TOC (TRUE TOC) and TIC

LAR™ QuickTOCultra™ water analyzer

A high-performance water analyzer for determining TRUE TOTAL ORGANIC CARBON (TOC) in every type of water.  Whether you measure emulsified water from a flavoring production plant, industrial wastewater in an aeration tank of a clarification plant or the wastewater from dairies, paper or paint factories, our QuickTOCultra is fast, cost-effective, versatile and able to handle the most diverse water applications.

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For Industrial Process Monitoring

EXTREL™ MAX300-RTG™ 2.0 Mass Spectrometer

Uses our cutting-edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to deliver continuous online composition monitoring of industrial gas streams.  Rapid, accurate gas analysis enables high-precision process control and increased production efficiency.

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COSA XENTAUR™ – Heating Value BTU, Wobbe Index, Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI), Direct & Injection Style
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COSA XENTAUR™ – Combustibles, Multi-Gas, Handheld & Continuous Stack Oxygen Monitoring
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Dew Point Chilled Mirror Analyzers

MBW CALIBRATION™ – For Humidity Measurement, Low Moisture Concentrations & Precise Environmental Control

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CRDS Gas Analyzers & QCL-CRDS Trace Gas Analyzers

TIGER OPTICS™ – High Purity, Specialty & Bulk Gas, Semiconductor to ppt-Level Detection


COSA XENTAUR™ – For Trace Moisture Concentrations & Monitoring Controlled Atmospheres
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ATOM INSTRUMENT™ – Accurate & Reliable Total Sulfur – Total Nitrogen Measurement Using Excimer UV Technology
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EXTREL™ & MGA™ – For Fast Process Control, Environmental Monitoring, & Cutting-Edge Laboratory Research Gas Analysis
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LAR™ – TRUE TOC, COD, BOD & Toxicity Impurity Monitoring in All Types of Water & Wastewater
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GUIDED WAVE™ & ANALECT® – NIR UV-VIS and FTIR FT-NIR for Process & Lab Applications

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ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS™ – For O2 Safety in Confined Environments
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HYGROCONTROL™ – For Temperature Humidity Monitoring – Environmental Monitoring

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