Operators in refineries are looking for fast, reliable fuel gas and flare gas combustion measuring solutions that control the air/fuel ratio to minimize disturbances and maximizes the efficiency of the combustion process.  Our COSA Xentaur portfolio of calorimeters for fuel and flare gas combustion measure Wobbe Index, heating value (BTU) and the Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI). Our COSA 9610™ calorimeter provides a fast and accurate measurement of Wobbe Index, Heating Value and Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI).

The COSA 9610 calorimeter measuring principle is based on the analysis of the oxygen content in the flue gas after combustion of the sample. A continuous gas sample is mixed with dry air at a precisely maintained constant ratio, which depends on the BTU range of the gas to be measured. The fuel air mixture is oxidized in a combustion furnace in the presence of a catalyst at 800°C, and the oxygen concentration of the combusted sample is measured by a zirconia oxide cell. The residual oxygen provides an accurate measurement for the Combustion Air Requirement of the sample gas, which can be correlated accurately to the Wobbe Index of the gas.

Key advantages to using our measuring principle, based on the Residual Oxygen Measurement Method, are its insensitivity to changes in ambient temperature, very fast response times with the ability to measure BTU values down to zero.  This is an ideal solution for operators in refineries looking for fast, reliable fuel gas and flare gas combustion measurement that controls the air/fuel ratio to minimize disturbances and maximizes the efficiency of the combustion process. 

Our Calorimeters 

  • Provides measurement that has a fast response time: delivers in seconds versus minutes.
  • Can handle a fuel matrix that is constantly changing.
  • Can handle energy content of the stream that varies over a large range.
  • Can handle liquid hydrocarbons, water vapor and other violate liquid components that are frequently present in the stream.
  • Great lead times.

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