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Service Contracts

Service Contracts:  the support you need

Again, we are with you after the sale.  Process Insights Global Service provides a wide range after-sales services to proactively maintain your analytical instrumentation. 

  • Optimal performance of the analyzer and minimal delay in emergency situations.
  • Simply communicate the issue to your local Representative via phone or email and we take care of the rest.
  • No need to obtain a purchase order or deal with terms and conditions each time service or a part is required.
  • Downtime is reduced, as is the stress level of site personnel who often do not have the time or expertise to dedicate to a particular analyzer.
  • Custom coverage tailored to meet your particular needs is also available. Your success is our business!

We Are Your Trusted Service Partner 

  • Reduce expensive unplanned downtime and repairs
  • Easily extend the life of your analyzer
  • Be proactive with your maintenance
  • Reduce long-term cost of ownership
  • Maintain optimal analyzer performance
  • Sampling system check ups

Gain peace-of-mind and optimal performance.  Contact us today for a service contract quote.

Setting up a service contract or extended warranty with Process Insights is easy and cost-effective. By maximizing your analyzer or system, we can help keep unplanned maintenance costs down, reduce downtime, and optimize your process. Our service contracts help you optimize your analytical equipment to deliver high performance and accuracy. Service contracts are based on your needs.

Select Your Maintenance & Technical Support Based on Your Needs & Budget

service when you need it most

Typical service contract intervals:

  • Annually
  • Biannually
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

Customized service plans available

  • On-site service agreements for the highest level of service
  • Extended warranty agreements for customers who desire a rapid response, low cost, fixed fee repair service
  • CRDS analyzer rentals
  • Factory-authorized spare parts