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Process Insights, and our premium brands, provide turn-key analytical instrumentation for many industries for process control and safety monitoring.  Our highly reputable brands with differentiated products are committed to delivering innovation and continuous improvement through constant research and development.  We do this by listening to our customers challenges and needs.

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Patented Excimer UV Fluorescence Technology by ATOM for Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen Analysis to meet D5453 regulations

Franek Olstowski is the “Godfather” of the Technology.  He is the Inventor of Excimer UV Fluorescence and other patented technologies.

ATOM Instrument, now a Process Insights brand, leads with our patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) technology is incorporated into our online analyzers.  This technology provide high reliability and confidence of analytical results, reduces operational and maintenance costs, meets today’s emission standards, and provides outstanding analytical performance to meet the challenges of future emission requirements.

Explore our analyzer range that all include Excimer UV Fluorescence Technology:


Tiger Optics’ Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS)  |  Detection at the Speed of Light

Based on absorption spectroscopy, Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) works by attuning light rays to the unique molecular fingerprint of the sample species. By measuring the time it takes the light to fade or “ring-down”, you receive an accurate molecular count in milliseconds. The time of light decay, in essence, provides an exact, non-invasive, and rapid means to detect contaminants in the air, in gases, and even in the breath.

A breakthrough discovery by Professor Kevin Lehmann, Ph.D., of Princeton University made the commercialization of this technique possible.  He proved that compact, relatively inexpensive, and widely available Continuous Wave (CW) lasers can substitute for the costly, cumbersome pulsed lasers previously used in CRDS-based research.  He thereby made the requisite power of light affordable and practical for commercial use.


The LAR product portfolio includes water analyzers for the most identifying and monitoring: TOCCODTODBODtoxicityTN, and Oil-in-Water.

With high precision, accuracy, and speed, the LAR analyzers:

  • Optimize and control the measurement process
  • Provides safe supervision of both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Offer a reliable monitoring solution for surface water and inflows of rivers and lakes

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