Spectroscopy Technology


Delivering Reliable Analyzer Systems for Your Application

Using a broad spectral region from the near-infrared to the mid-infrared, our ANALECT® FTIR FT-NIR Process & Lab Analysis Technology measures physical and chemical properties of liquids, solids and gases.  They are ideal for complex refinery applications such as fuels blending and component streams applications for polymers, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals in addition to general manufacturing.  

Our FTIR FT-NIR multi-stream technologies, online or in-situ, fixed or portable, delivers real-time monitoring.  It’s versatile with full chemometric modeling capability and provides users a high degree of flexibility operating in a laboratory environment.  The software driving our technology allows you to automate many aspects of your process, implement calibration tools and programming flexibility, and validate and diagnose your system.  Designed for proven performance in even the harshest of environments, our FTIR FT-NIR technology delivers real value.

Ensuring High-Performance Superior Spectroscopic Performance

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