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Fixed Magnetic Sector
Mass Spectrometers

Cybersecure Gas Analyzers

Fixed Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometers

Ideal for Fermentation Control

Our real-time MGA™ fixed magnetic sector spectrometers are purpose-built to surpass gas analysis demands for the life sciences and across a broad spectrum of industries, including iron and steel, ammonia, ethylene oxide, and ethylene cracking. Offering high precision and a dynamic measurement range (from high ppm to 100%) for full, speciated composition, our mass spectrometer based gas analyzers are designed to excel.

The fixed magnet analyzer ensures rapid, accurate, and stable real-time analysis of up to 16 gas components in less than 1 second. In addition to our single gas inlet system, our optional multi-stream sampler facilitates fast-purging stream selection for 16, 32, 50, or 100 streams. The unique combination of parallel spectrum processing and rapid stream selection positions it as the world’s fastest available process gas analyzer, providing complete stream analysis data every 3-10 seconds (application dependent).

This powerful instrument is pivotal in analyzing bioreactor off-gases during fermentation, providing crucial insights for optimizing production and achieving desired product outcomes. Its superior low drift characteristics guarantee unparalleled stability and accuracy over extended periods, enhancing the reliability of highly accurate OUR/CER/RQ calculations. These calculations maximize the titer from each monitored fermentation vessel, contributing to process efficiency. During fermentation monitoring, the MGA 1200CS™ offers unparalleled precision in sparge gas and off-gas analysis. Our real-time data feeding into your OUR/CER/RQ calculations enable immediate adjustments, maximizing yields automatically without the need for lab sample testing.

In the Life Sciences Sector, the MGA 1200CS is indispensable for maximizing yields and confirming complete CIP for fermentation vessels. With a focus on meticulous analysis, it ensures adherence to stringent standards, maintaining consistent, high-quality characteristics.

An invaluable asset in research and development, the MGA 1200CS’s new low flow capability allows connection to small bioreactors (e.g., 250 mL) for organism characterization. This capability benefits Industrial Fermentation, Pharmaceutical Fermentation, and Mammalian Cell Culture, driving innovation and product enhancement. In Mammalian Cell Culture, the MGA 1200CS’s key feature is extremely precise oxygen analysis, even under low flow sparge gas rates, thanks to its new low flow capability supporting rates down to 20 cc/min.

Powerful Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometry That’s Cybersecure & Future-Proof Architecture – 100% ROI in Less Than One Year

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MGA 1200CS

MGA™ Cybersecure Fixed Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer
Process Insights_MGA 1200 CS Mass Spec

Sample Conditioning System

MGA™ Fixed Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer System
Process Insights_MGA Mass Spec System

Our Fixed Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer MGA 1200CSis an advanced instrument used in the food and beverage industry to analyze the composition of various samples, including fermented products, brewing, and culture cells. Here are some ways in which the instrument is used in the industry:

  • Fermentation monitoring: Used to analyze the volatile compounds produced by the microorganisms. This helps the industry to understand the fermentation process and optimize it to produce the desired products. For example, in the production of beer, the instrument can be used to monitor the concentration of different types of alcohols, esters, and acids that contribute to the flavor profile of the final product.
  • Quality control: Used in the food and beverage industry to analyze the composition of raw materials, intermediates, and final products. This helps to ensure that the products meet the required standards and are of consistent quality. For example, in the production of wine, the instrument can be used to analyze the concentration of different types of phenolic compounds, which contribute to the color and taste of the wine.
  • Research and development: The instrument is also used in the food and beverage industry for research and development purposes. By analyzing the composition of various samples, researchers can understand the complex chemistry involved in the production of food and beverage products. This information can be used to develop new products or improve existing ones.
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    > Precise HN ratio
    > Steam/carbon ratio
    > Methane slippage
    > Inert gas buildup
    > Catalyst activity

    > Fast & precise OUR, CER, RQ in fermentation
    > Greater precision available in cell culture
    > Up to 100 reactors monitored at 3 second intervals

    Ethylene Oxide
    > Precise carbon balance
    > Precise oxygen balance
    > Selectivity near real-time

    Ethylene Cracking
    > High-speed cracking severity
    > Multiple furnace capability
    > 3 second interval between

    Steel Processing
    > Blast furnace top gas
    > Blast furnace burden probes
    > Steel converter gas analysis
    > Fuel gas mixing control


    • High Resolution: The MGA fixed magnetic mass spectrometer provides excellent resolution, allowing for accurate and precise measurement of masses. This capability is especially advantageous in identifying and distinguishing isotopes, molecules, and compounds with similar masses, enabling detailed analysis.
    • Sensitivity: With its high sensitivity, the MGA can detect and analyze trace amounts of substances in samples. This is particularly valuable in fields such as environmental monitoring, pharmaceuticals, and forensic analysis, where even minute concentrations can be of great significance.
    • Versatility: The MGA mass spectrometer can analyze a wide range of sample types, including gases, liquids, and solids, making it versatile for diverse applications. Its ability to handle various samples provides researchers with the flexibility needed for their specific analytical needs.
    • Speed: The MGA fixed magnetic mass spectrometer offers rapid analysis, enabling quick and efficient data acquisition. This attribute is crucial in time-sensitive applications and high-throughput laboratories where fast results are essential.
    • Stability: The fixed magnetic design ensures stable and consistent measurements, reducing the need for frequent recalibration and contributing to reliable and reproducible data.
    • Lower Cost: Compared to some other types of mass spectrometers, the MGA fixed magnetic mass spectrometer can be more cost-effective in terms of both initial investment and maintenance, making it accessible to a broader range of users.
    • Reduced Space Requirements: The MGA’s compact design is space-efficient, making it suitable for laboratories with limited space or mobile analytical units.
  • Data Services

    ull Support for Analyzer Method Development and Optimization

    Online and laboratory analyzers from Process Insights are supported by the very best application and calibration expertise available today. From preexisting models for a wide range of physical and chemical properties to customer-specific model development and validation, we’re here to ensure you achieve top performance from your optical spectroscopy analyzers and mass spectrometers.  Learn more.


    With the Process Insights Modeling Support Agreement, customers have access to continuous model support and optimization throughout the life of the analyzer. Our application specialists work with you to validate and improve your calibration models year-after-year.


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