Water Quality Analyzers

FaSt, reliable & Continuous Water Analysis

 All Industrial Applications – Monitor TOC, COD, BOD and Toxicity Impurities in all Types of Process, Surface Water & Wastewater

Our LAR™ fast and accurate water analyzers measure and monitor the most important parameters: TOC, COD, BOD, Toxicity, TNb, and Oil-in-Water.  Our water analyzers were designed to fit environmental monitoring, municipal facilities, and industrial manufacturing applications.  Learn more about TOC analysis.

The QuickTOCultra™ is the ultimate online TOC analyzer for the determination of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) suitable even for the most difficult wastewater applications. Exact Analysis at 1,200°C, the TRUE TOC is determined.

Our online water quality solutions are used globally in three major areas of application: Environmental monitoring, municipal facilities and industry.  Based on our analyzers’ high precision and speed, they allow an optimal controlling of processes, safe supervision of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, reliable monitoring of surface water and inflows of rivers/lakes.

We are the TOC Leadersin high-temperature TOC, COD, BOD, TN, and Toxicity water analysis for maximum reliability, high-performance and fast response.

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The Water Expo is the only water show serving United States PLUS Latam/Caribbean huge markets.  Come and discover our range of high-temp online TOC COD BOD and toxicity water quality analyzers!


Process Insights_APIMSProcess Insights_APIMS
Making the Measurement


For special applications, we have a small number of mobile water analysis systems which can be used locally or abroad. Nothing else is needed except power supply, parking space and access to the sample stream or the liquid to be sampled.  Explore more!



LAR™ Chemical Oxygen Demand COD Wastewater & Process Water Analyzer
Process Insights_QuickTOCultra


LAR™ Total Organic Carbon TOC Wastewater & Process Water Analyzer
Process Insights_QuickTOCultra


LAR™ Total Nitrogen TN Wastewater & Process Water Analyzer
Process Insights_QuickTOCultra


LAR™ Total Organic Carbon TOC Analyzer for Airport Applications
Process Insights_QuickTOCultra


LAR™ Total Organic Carbon TOC Clean Water Analyzer
Process Insights_QuickTOCuv


LAR™ Total Organic Carbon TOC Clean Water Analyzer with UV Persulfate Oxidation
Process Insights_LAR QuickTOCuvII water analyzer


LAR™ Total Organic Carbon TOC Clean Water Analyzer with UV Persulfate Oxidation
Process Insights_LAR QuickTOCeco water analyzer


LAR™ Chemical Oxygen Demand COD Analyzer for Laboratories
Process Inisights_LAR QuickCODlab water analyzer for laboratories


LAR™ Total Organic Carbon TOC Pure Water Analyzer
Process Insights_LAR QuickTOCpurity pure water analyzer


LAR™ Total Organic Carbon TOC Ultra-Pure Water Analyzer
Process Inishgts_LAR QuickTOCtrace for ultra-pure water analysis


LAR™ Toximeter for Drinking Water and Surface Water
Process Insights_LAR_ToxAlarm


LAR™ Toximeter for Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring
Process Insights_LAR_Toximeter NitriTox


LAR™ Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD Analyzer for Controlling Wastewater Treatment Plants
Process Insights_LAR_BioMonitor_wwt water analyzer
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Pure water and high purity water are crucial factors of production in numerous processes and industries. Depending on the demand it is used as a raw material, auxiliary or operating material. For water with low particle density, our pure water analyzers are equipped with an injection loop system. Using this closed system, influences from ambient air or other influences will be avoided. Moreover, samples up to 90°C can be measured easily and safely. Our market-leading, water analyzers are application-specific, and measure TOC concentrations in the range of ppb and fulfill the requirements of pure water applications.


Process water is very diverse regarding to its use. This type of water may contain adhesive and/or toxic substances and are characterized by high and fluctuating loads or a wide variety of compositions. Our cost-effective, QuickTOCultra water analyzer is a continuously working TOC measurement system using the UV persulfate oxidation method. This method is suitable for the determination of TOC and TC (total carbon) in clean and pure water (drinking water, condensate return, and boiler feed water). Perfect for Ex zones.


Wastewater is one of the most challenging water types for any TOC online analyzers. With highly fluctuating loads, very high salt concentrations and has high particle density, wastewater needs a robust water analyzer. For the toughest applications, our TOC analyzers are equipped with a unique injection system capable of transporting and measuring a high content of solid matter without any filtration. Additionally, our analyzer’s high temperature combustion at 1,200°C guarantees the complete oxidation of the sample.

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Our Projects

This century is characterized by global environmental challenges. Surface water and river water pollution is of special importance, as clean water forms the foundation of life. It therefore requires special attention in terms of quality. Regional authorities are requested to prepare measures for the improvement of water quality and to establish its provision. In order to secure sustainability in international projects, local authorities develop innovative solutions for the safety of water in cooperation with foreign companies and institutions. Lately, a variety of such joint projects are being realized around the world, with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research especially sponsoring projects that are based on the cooperative partnership between industry and science. We at take our product responsibility seriously. For this reason, we make a continuous contribution to the development of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.



Development of a furnace for water analysis with a reactor temperature of 1200°C and a power consumption of less than 230 W



The continued strong economic growth in Vietnam increases the demand on appropriate sites for industrial parks. Currently, there are more than 200 industrial zones (IZ) registered, the majority of which do not have sustainable wastewater treatment.

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