Building a Sustainable Future Starts with Real Insight

Built on unyielding integrity, we are committed to reduce our environmental impact, conserve, and protect natural resources, and better manage our energy, waste, and water usage.  In time, this approach will cascade throughout our value chain, creating great collaboration, and generating superior value for all our stakeholders.  We are committed to ensuring our business practices are sustainable every day.  As responsible stewards, we continue to work hard to minimize any negative impact our work may have in the countries, and communities in which we operate.

COVID has taught us something.  It’s time to transform our workplace.  By taking a proactive step to empower an enriched work – life balance, everyone at Process Insights is driven by their commitment to be an integral part of our team.  Each employee is encouraged to embrace our diverse team.  Our collective differences make us stronger, smarter, nimble, and successful.  

We have many well-known brands in our portfolio.  And, we share a single purpose.  Deliver innovation and technologies that solve complex processing applications, measure critical oxygen and COe emissions levels to meet regulatory compliance, and other critical gas analysis challenges.  Part of our commitment to innovation is to deliver smart and affordable innovation that optimizes process, improves safety, and transforms our world.

Operate with Absolute Integrity

Give Back to the Community

Support Diversity & Inclusion

Protect the Environment

Corporate Responsibility Brings Purposeful Insight To Everything We Do

We work continuously to improve and strengthen our business relationships and best practices, with a dedicated focus on building and maintaining trust, transparency, and integrity. By developing strong policies and directives, and risk management programs, guides us to ensure meeting our business objectives, our stakeholder’s expectations, and be good global stewards.  Our goal is to drive towards a more sustainable future, and make a positive impact on our employees, customers, and the planet.

Bringing Powerful Insight of diversity through inclusion

We put diversity and inclusion into our everyday actions.  In creating a diverse workforce, we strengthen our resilience, innovation, productivity, and this positively impacts our growth.  We make our employees feel valued for their individual skills, ideas and unique experiences, and encourage each individual to express themselves and to contribute.

At Process Insights, diversity and inclusion are essential to our business, to expand our talent pool, to drive innovation and support our customers, communities, the environment, and each other.

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